florence and tuscany

Italy Italy Italy. What’s not to love?


We had a wonderful six-day holiday spending a couple days in ‘Firenze’ (my second time… first was when Micah was studying abroad) and then driving further South to a handful of towns in Tuscany. Obviously there is a lot to say. And I do live to bore you, trust me. Tuscany is exactly what I thought it would be: miles and miles of rolling hills and low mountains green from the not-yet-ripe wheat, and more vineyards than a person can count. There are charming country houses with terra cotta roofs and fields of yellow flowers, olive tree groves and windy roads. Around every bend you can buy a local’s homemade olive oil, pecorino cheese or prosciutto.

I honestly ate pasta for every single lunch and dinner while we were in Italy. And I made sure to have two scoops of gelato every day. I am dedicated if nothing else. Bryan was more of a connoisseur, trying goat and wild boar and lamb and the soup of the region- ribollita. And he didn’t eat enough gelato in my opinion. But he did have wine, oh yes. Tuscany is famous for its mighty Sangiovese grape, which is made into hundreds of types of wines but many called Chianti from the region in Tuscany where they are produced. The great people of Montalcino having recently discovered a variation on the grape, now produce the star Brunello reds. Perhaps I sound like an oenophile to you. I took a lot of pictures of Bryan drinking so I guess I am now the expert. But we did bring six bottles back and as soon as this little puppy shoots out… chug-fest ’09! Who’s in?

It was Easter weekend and American spring break so Florence was crawling with parents from the U.S. visiting their study abroad youngsters. The rest of the towns all over Tuscany were overflowing with daytripping Italians. And god bless them. With their all-black outfits in 80 degree weather, man purses, man capris, oversized sunglasses, and gelled hair and most importantly their allegiance to cigarettes. I am pretty sure I saw a woman ash right onto her baby’s head in the stroller. Tutto bene!! But I kid. I would never, ever stereotype like that. Yes I would. No, no. I would not.

Florence: birthplace of the Renaissance, world-famous art and world-famous art patrons and rulers the Medicis, Michelangelo’s David, the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo to name a few…and the world-renowned bistecca alla fiorentina, a truly amazing steak.

First a shot of Florence at night that I stole on-line


img_6305 img_6341 img_6307 img_6313 img_6373 img_6353 img_6363 img_6448 img_6365 img_6381 img_6383 img_6389 img_6089 img_6151

Greve in Chianti, Castello di Brolio, en route to Radicofani

img_6466 img_64751 img_64981 img_6499 img_6505 img_61711

Montalcino, Pienza

img_6176 img_6535 img_6536 img_6191  img_6544 img_6547

Buonconvento, Monteriggioni, San Gimignano, Volterra

img_6575 img_6215  img_66191 img_6622 img_6588 img_6625 img_6629 img_6632



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2 responses to “florence and tuscany

  1. Ney Ney

    Ben tornato! Tutto il Medio Oriente, non solo l’Arabia Saudita, risplendono della tua bellezza! Mi sei mancato da morire!

    (I was looking for a phrase that said “Welcome back! We all missed you!” but this sort of says “Welcome back! All of the Middle East, not only Saudia Arabia is glowing with your beauty. I missed you like crazy!”)

  2. snosha

    liked the pics you chose for the post but loved that i got to see them all on kodak 🙂 i do love that blue-eyed pic of you and bryan though. i wonder what color zygie’s eyes will be … 🙂

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