yeah, um

Oops, forgot to think of a blog post today. You know what that means? You are subjected to a dumping of my brain for the next five minutes.

  1. A Lindt chocolate gold bunny and a mini bottle of Pimms will be mailed to anyone who correctly guesses my 80s celebrity boy crush (hint: he was the star of a short-lived tv show). I don’t know why I have been thinking about him lately. If no one guesses, I eat the bunny and drink the Pimms. And then the ensuing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is the cross you have to bear.
  2. This was a great play that opened in London and is now in NYC (starring James Gandolfini no less): Since we know yet-another couple possibly headed down the D route, it’s on my mind. God of Carnage is a funny and sad commentary on marriage after children and aggressive modern parenting set this time in gentrified Brooklyn (a place I know nothing about). Or something.
  3. It tastes so good when it hits your lips.
  4. The English are so polite. Every time they see my too-gigantic belly, looking like someone who should be one second away from cursing through the pre-epidural moments, they smile and say things like “well don’t you look healthy.” I keep wondering what people in America would say.
  5. I found a reasonably-priced nail salon. I know you were worried. And the girls are Vietnamese. I don’t know how they got through the prison-like fortress of UK non-EU visa laws but they certainly do have a special skill set that would be conducive to a “special talent visa”. If you ask me. You could. You could ask me. And I would say yes. Yes they have a special skill.
  6. Is the FNL season really ending next week? What will Bryan and I talk about during date night?
  7. I hate when people say, in reference to bringing their lunch, they’re brown bagging it. If you know someone that says that, please kick them in the babymaker for me.


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31 responses to “yeah, um

  1. I saw God of Carnage in London and it was remarkably depressing except for how hot Ralph Fiennes is in person. I’m not sure the NY version would be able to compete for my attention.

  2. Jeremy

    I love this post – my favorite in weeks.

  3. rebecca

    People in America would say “Wow- you are HUGE!” Which is super polite of course.

    HMMM. The crush. The only person I can think of in my old age is Kirk Cameron but he was not on a short-lived show and is way too tall for your tastes. I’m ashamed I can’t remember. Did you have a poster of him in your room?

  4. I too will have to go with Jordan Catalano. He’s so dreamy…

  5. yael

    People, people… My So Called Life was on in the 90s. Let’s get our heads in the game.

    Rebecca, no poster. Not sure why but my big boy poster was Michael J. Fox. And he’s not the answer!

  6. Jeremy

    Joey Lawrence?? It is Joey, isn’t it? Come on…admit it!

  7. poren

    short lived?? you’re killing me Yael. I am dying to get this one but my brain, like Rebecca’s is stuck on Kirk Cameron. He was so dreamy. I actually want to see that new firefighter movie that he and his super-Christian wife are in…could it have been someone from Swan’s Crossing bc that was an excellent short-lived show-it may have aired in ’90 or ’91 though…

  8. yael

    Hints: The actor no longer has name recognition and the show took place in a high school. He was dreamy… to me.

  9. jenny

    I am obsessed with FNL now after reading your blog. Not quite as good as my ultimate favorite… The Wire… but highly entertaining!!!

  10. poren

    Head of the Class??? Was it the leather jacket guy from the show. I had a crush on Michael DeLarenzo who went on to star in Fox’s NY Undercover-also a short-lives series…

  11. My So-Called Life was in the 90s! ugh.

  12. mdouris25

    I have 2 guesses. Okay really one and a half, since I have NO idea what their names are …

    The dark haired guy from Square Pegs?

    One of the Kids from DeGrassi Junior High/DeGrassi High shows?

  13. jenny

    I know I know Richard greico from 21 jump street!!!!

  14. yael

    Oh wait, I totally suck. It was on in the NINETIES. Sorry everyone. You know how the two decades sort of blended together at first. At least the hairstyles.

    Okay, I owe another clue then: the title of the show is four words.

  15. Jeremy

    Ok – I’m going to be honest, I don’t know which no-name, mullet-wearing, 80s weirdo you had a crush on… I just don’t know. But here is what I do know: I want that Lindt chocolate gold bunny and the mini bottle of Pimm’s. Please send them immediately. You have my address.

  16. Maddo

    Corin Nemec from Parker Lewis Can’t Lose

  17. yael

    Busted. Maddo gets the prizes and a clear conscience since now my baby is safe from Pimms.

  18. jenny

    Mark Paul gosselaar from saved by the bell

  19. Maddo

    All you lowlifes can do away with your pitiful attempts to win Yael’s good graces. This being the [i forget how many]th prize I’ve won on this blog secures my footing as Yael’s #1 fan. Better luck elsewhere.

  20. poren

    The Head of the Class guys were so much hotter than that Corin Nemec nerd!

  21. mdouris25

    I still think I deserve a prize for actually (1) playing by the rules and naming a show in the 80s that was short lived and (2) actually knowing TWO 80’s short lived high school TV shows.

  22. yael

    True, true. Truffle sea salt it is. I could certainly throw in some Maltesers.

  23. Ney Ney

    Corin Nemec has a uTube segment with that Faustino kid who was on Married With Children.

  24. yael

    Jenny, we spent our honeymoon watching The Wire… so I hear you. But isn’t Riggins just so much cuter than McNulty?

  25. Except we can’t watch FNL right now, cause Comcast sucks!! (we’re watching it via Netflix, streamed to my Xbox).

    It’s supposed to be in HD, but because Comcast can’t handle the sheer volume in our area right now, it looks like it was filmed with a cellphone. It’s a touch frustrating, to say the leat.

  26. mdouris25

    Umm, I totally had to google “Maltesers” – are they like “Whoppers”? And you’re right. I’ll take my prize 🙂 Truffle sea salt totally kicks Pimms’ ass.

  27. snosh

    uhm, what, hello???!!! someone here mentioned Swan’s Crossing, only the BEST show on tv when i was growing up. i still bow to sarah michelle gellar bc of her role on that show. yael, i cannot believe you let the mention of that show go without a response since you used to make fun of me for excusing myself from fun activities that summer to go home and watch the show every afternoon, AND for the fact that you went to a prom with one of the main characters of the show. uh, gasp, uh, memories of how life changing that show was for me …

  28. snosh

    oh, yeah, and you were the BEST friend ever for coming home from that prom with an autographed photo for me. i still have it hanging … in my heart, not on my wall …

  29. yael

    Omg, totally forgot about that. Everyone, announcement: I was at a Prom in Princeton, NJ in 1993 with Sarah Michelle Gellar and her prom date, who is some dude from Swan’s Crossing.

  30. Virginia

    Ok I”m a little late in this one…and I’m skipping the important stuff…because what the hell are Pimms? I’m a sugar addict and I have no idea to what you are referring….(I’m assuming its sugary and yummy…but clearly have no clue!)

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