h o t

smart + funny + confident + 90s = hottest guy ever




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10 responses to “h o t

  1. Big Pipes

    based on the legendary movie ferris bueller’s day off…and much better than its tv sitcom rival – ferris bueller.

  2. Big Pipes

    Kube says “Eat Now?”

  3. mira

    wait which one here exactly did you have a little crush on? red plaid or grey button down with white tshirt showing? depending on the answer, there might be something diagnosable going on with you 🙂

  4. snosh

    front row, red plaid was blanche’s grandson in an episode of golden girls. dude!

  5. yael

    corin nemec. grey buttondown, white t-shirt showing. so dreamy.

  6. Adrian Adonis

    I will name our first child after you if you can tell me what classic 80’s movie featured the guy in the first row of the pic with the red flanel..

  7. That guy? I know his name is Steven…

  8. And that guy in the red flannel was in “Just One Of The Guys.” That’s Brian with an “i,” Adrian.

  9. Adrian Adonis

    That is indeed correct Brian – probably the greatest HBO 80’s movie of all time, just in front of “They Still Call Me Bruce” And “One Crazy Summer.”

    So B – the naming rights are yours….fire away.

  10. This is awesome. Ok, so the name of your first born shall be “Dr. Awesome.” It’s perfect. It commands respect and works for a boy or a girl. Wow, this is your lucky day!

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