joe & rochelle in merry old you-know


Our friends left this morning in the wee hours to catch the Eurostar to Paris. Oh the jet-setting of it all.

Because Joe & Rochelle marked the end of a long line of visitors (for now), it was important to have a prime four-day London adventure and the weather delivered. It was the kind of sunny blue skies and creeping-up temperature that brings the masses out from wherever they normally mass in London and instead congregate 15 deep outside the pubs. Did I mention the lack of open container laws? That alone could make you stay in a country forever. We had a lot of fun and good times and J Ro saw a good deal of “the sights” but if there is something new I could draw attention to- it’s the “beercase”. It started innocently enough with my mother inexplicably mailing me an empty plastic container from one of my baby gifts. I don’t know what type of carbon footprint this plastic case has now created in the world, or why my dear mum thought it should make yet another international journey (from China to America to England) but anyway I picked it up from the post office Saturday morning. At first Bryan didn’t like this one bit. He reminded me a number of times how annoying it was that he had to carry it around. That was until we all discovered it would snugly hold microbrews from Borough Market. Problem solved. And I can’t tell you how much attention he got all over town. So here is the order of amount of public attention for accessories held by males: (1) puppy (2) baby and (3) beercase. You heard it here first.

the utility of the beer case

img_6234 img_6235 img_6241 img_6253

no more funny business

 img_6250 img_6255 img_6239

hops, grains and sunshine

 img_6244 img_6268 img_6242 img_6293 img_6273 img_6274

nonalcoholic afternoon tea

img_6297 img_6298



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3 responses to “joe & rochelle in merry old you-know

  1. treeennner

    looks like you guys had a blast! nice weather too ; )
    your mom was so smart to send that case. perfect for beer ; )

  2. Ney Ney

    Thanks, Treeennner. Further accolades will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

  3. The Ro in JRo

    We feel so honored to be featured in your famous blog! Joe has dedicated his time to bringing the beercase to the DC area…
    Thank you again for being amazing hosts and guides!

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