i just can’t resist (today’s 2nd post)

Ah, today’s comment from “Richard Weed” is so good, it deserves prominence.

Having monitored your blog over the last few days, it is obvious to me that you are still in the “frustration” stage of moving abroad.

A symptom I have obeserved[sic] quite a few times now, is the continuous need for you to point out the superiority of your home country vis-a-vis your new environment. I have also witnessed feelings of anxiety and anger regarding the UK in your posts.

This is no way to live your life. You must accept that this wonderful country is not the US. Only then will you be able to move on to the “understanding” and “acclimation” stage of your stay abroad.

Kindest regards,

Richard Weed

Now dear blog readers/friends, I have three options. Please help me choose.

(A) Explain to “Richard” that it was MY idea to move to England, I begged my husband to apply for a job transfer, I gave up a job with a great deal of potential in an area of the law that I absolutely love and from the moment I arrived I have waxed lyrical in countless blog posts about how quickly and hopelessly I have fallen in love with London. Further explain that my observations about mundane trivial quirks of British culture are part of this effusive demonstration of love – a la Bill Bryson (as a poor substitute) and that I have also often blogged about what I more clearly realize are disappointing aspects of American society (e.g. the stranglehold of the Christian Right on politics that affect people’s personal lives, t-shirts with words on them, partially hydrogenated oil and open container laws. Just to name a few). Finally, link for “Richard’s” benefit definitions of irony, facetious, ‘tongue in cheek’ and oh, I don’t know… um, HUMORLESS.

(B) Try and discover “Richard’s” real identity… Wait a seco- IS THIS DAVE?! Dave you scoundrel. You really had me going for a second! Kudos on the ersatz psych-speak ; )

(C) Ignore the whole thing because I am already bored. And would rather be blogging about celebrities and missing beer.

Or dear readers and friends, is there a (D) I don’t know about?



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11 responses to “i just can’t resist (today’s 2nd post)

  1. Sarah

    If it makes you feel better, I got this nasty comment on my blog. Who the hell takes the time to go on somone’s blog and be an ass?

    Dear List Girl,
    I have to say – I have lived in New York City a long time and have never come across anyone with such a discerning palete. It sounds like you must have studied the fine art of eating in France or better yet, in your case Italy.

    Not only is your “list” rather one-minded. Do you like Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Sushi or Indian? Come on! You are in New York. The food capital of the world. All you eat is Italian and American except when you get really crazy and have Spanish. Give me a break.

    Not only is your “list”, a narrow depiction of what New York has available, but your reviews are down right pretentious. Who do you think you are? The New York Times Food Critic.

    Get over yourself.


  2. Richard Weed

    I wasn’t that serious (as I hoped my nom de plume would have indicated) , but writing it did entertain me and I do hope it didn’t offend you too much.

  3. yael

    Maybe “Ralph” and “Richard Weed” are internet chatroom buddies.

    Sarah, you should be proud. You haven’t really arrived as a blogger until you get a mean comment. Just ask Dooce.

  4. yael

    (P.S. “Ralph’s” mis-use of commas and misplaced periods have really distressed me. I need a shot of ginger ale with a Sprite chaser.)

  5. Big Pipes


  6. I vote for option C. Seriously, sometimes we just have to vent… where better than on your own blog? Besides, I read quite a few blogs of English expats living in America and they have plenty of negative things to say say about it.

  7. Elizabeth

    Was it written on April Fool’s Day?

  8. Ney Ney

    I wouldn’t publicize the short story thing, Big Pipes. Richard would say it’s because we have such limited attention spans.

  9. sonjey

    (C) Ignore the whole thing and just keep on BLOGGING!

  10. snosh

    i’m with the boo girls on this one and say, “booooooooooooooooooooo!”

  11. I’ve been enjoying your blog for a while, but couldn’t resist commenting on this one…

    I’m an American ex-pat living in the Philippines. I love it here & I hate it here. And, I’ve expressed both on my blog… ’cause it’s MY blog. A few months back, I got an insanely rude comment calling me a racist, among other things. I quickly fired a post aimed at this anonymous commenter, but then decided to just delete the comment & ignore it completely. It still ticks me off, though, that someone took one thing I wrote about not liking a certain food here & overlooked all the great things I’ve had to say about living here & went postal on my blog! Irritating!

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