celebrity rag mags bring people together

That was a theme of the toast by one of our closest friends at our wedding. He pretends to hate the weekly celebrity gossip magazines, but we all know no one really hates them.

I was on the tube this morning, happily reading the US Weekly that our friends from A M E R I C A brought me yesterday.


Just as we were pulling in to my stop, the lovely English girl sitting next to me could not contain it any longer.

“Excuse me. What magazine is that you’re reading?!” I could tell by her tone and body language that she was dying to know where this superior magazine came from, how I had procured it, why she didn’t know about it and also was saying that she thinks the whole world should know that Hello! magazine absolutely blows.

Well didn’t I beam with pride. You would think I was the editor of Us Weekly, the photo shoot stylist and the paparazzi all rolled in to one. I saved this girl’s life and told her my friends had brought it from the U.S., that I prefer the magazines there, that’s there’s ten different varieties and even gave her the secret location to procure them in London- if desperate (because it’s like double the price). She seemed very grateful and said she has a friend going to the U.S. soon and would absolutely request all the titles I suggested. Then we both disembarked and headed to blah, I mean work.

But I feel like we had a real connection. We reached our hands across the great Anglo divide and embraced over Christina Ricci’s recent engagement.

I know I am not supposed to financially support this industry. Oopsy daisies.

hugOh yes, Virginia mentioned Michelle and Queenie’s embrace. This news story couldn’t be bigger. I am wondering if the Queen got flustered because she’s never met a black person before. Either way, we should all be excited that the monarch of the United Kingdom or whatever had a human moment. Which she initiated. So the papers need to stop saying Michelle is the one that broke protocol. What was she supposed to do… bitch-slap the Queen and scream DON’T TOUCH ME?



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2 responses to “celebrity rag mags bring people together

  1. Ney Ney

    After that shot was taken, Camilla challanged Michelle to a mud wrestling tournament, but Michelle declined.

  2. I’d have thought that the Queen in her long lifetime, with frequent visits all around the world, and as Head of the Commonwealth*, probably has met more black people than most black people have!

    * see, for example, http://www.upcparty.net/images/amo_queen.jpg .

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