learning a little bit about my people

You’re in luck, because I’m here.

Last night Bryan and I went out to eat- mostly because this morning at the crack of dawn our friends Joe & Rochelle arrived for a 4-day visit and obviously we can’t mess up the kitchen before guests come and- where was I? Yes, dinner. So at dinner I announced that I thought I was done blogging. But here I am. So you can cry tears of joy or whatever but it lives another day.

On my commute home last night I was ready for the worst. You may have seen footage of the protesters- here is some: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7976612.stm (your favorite part will be the pronunciation and syllabic emphasis on the word “protesters”). But because I work on the edge of “The City”, the proTESters (see, syllabic emphasis) did not care about us. Who knew that the most treacherous part of my journey home would be football fans??? But it’s true. Apparently England played Ukraine last night and I managed to get off the tube in my neighborhood during peak pre-game drinking hours en route to Wembley. I was scared and my belly was jostled. The cops were in full force (man they’re busy this week). Oops, I just said the word “man”. Sometimes at work something disappointing will happen and without realizing it I will say “oh man”. My boss always turns to me and asks if people really use that expression outside of Dora the Explorer. So apparently it’s an American thing to say. Oh man.

Something else I have learned about Americans that I didn’t know… Yesterday during my usual morning listen to BBC Radio’s Breakfast Show with Jo and Paul, they were doing a piece on today’s opening of Topshop in Soho in Manhattan. They reported Americans were going crazy for the opening because “we’re obsessed with anything British”. You got that everyone? We’re obsessed, okay.



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12 responses to “learning a little bit about my people

  1. mira

    Please don’t go. Will you stay if I tell you that we named our new kitten Zygie?

    Happy post-April Fool’s Day (the name part not the new kitten part).

  2. mdouris25

    If you stop blogging that will mess up my entire morning routine! Seriously! It’s stop at the coffee guy, stop at the banana stand guy, wait interminably for elevator, get to desk, log in, immediately go to your blog while I eat my banana. I can’t face my overloaded Outlook box without this first. Sigh. I’ve said my piece …

  3. Elizabeth

    Keep blogging!!!!

  4. I really like “oh man”, because let’s face it, it’s much more polite than most other expletives. My daughter has started saying “oh my”, which is cute.

    How was your sleepover with the Obamas? Did you play truth and dare, and eat Hershey’s in the small hours? Did you share fashion tips and reminisce about second grade? Or did the Ambassador keep them all to himself? Darn.

  5. yael

    m- The image of you eating a banana every day is enough to make me blog for you. Creature of habit much?

    Iota- We played Truth or Dare and then when Obama picked “dare” I said, “I totally double dog dare you to help execute a $1.1tn global deal to solve the world-wide economic crisis.” And he was like “done and done.” He’s no fun to play games with.

  6. mdouris25

    I am indeed a creature of habit. Somedays I switch it up and make oatmeal. Only if it’s bad weather and the banana guy isn’t out there though.

    I thought you dared him to give the Queen an ipod and Gordon Brown the top 25 american movies on dvd. B/c those were pretty ballsy choices on Obama’s part!

  7. Erin

    seriously? you can’t stop blogging. you can’t. please.

  8. sonjey

    This would truly be a terrible void in my life. I’ve learned so much about the Brits, my son’s habits, good and bad, your creative, delicious meals and your fabulous pics from your recent trips…. THIS WAS A DELAYED APRIL FOOL’S JOKE…. RIGHT?

  9. Ney Ney

    I registered on Twitter because I wanted to know what it was. I still don’t know what it is, except now I got an email saying some guy named Ron (WayTo Heaven3175) is following me and another saying Barack Obama is following me. Oh man, will they both be disappointed. None of this has anything to do with your blog, but I wanted to tell someone about it and use the phrase Oh man at the same time.

  10. Virginia

    Cora has the best “oh man” (not that I’m biased of course…) So I’m slightly surprised you’ve said so little about Michelle Obama? I am at work right now and CNN, FOX and NBC are all talking about how she touched the queen…and everything else she did, wore, (bare arms oh my) went etc. Crazy! Then again, at least the news is not talking about some financial outrage somewhere…oh wait, there’s one now on Leno….that’s legit right?

  11. It’s true. I walk by the future Top Stop location in Soho every night on my way home from work and have to clutch my palpitating heart each time for fear of fainting with excitement.

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