london in lockdown (and obama abroad)

Well, there’s so much more to say about the G20 summit here in London. And given the STAGGERING number of comments on yesterday’s post, I am thinking you all want to hear more about it.

London in Lockdown

planeThat was one newspaper headline. The rest seem to be about Obama. Poor rest of the world… nobody cares about you.

But let’s go back to lockdown. I saw a protester document that was circulating that very clearly marks all the targets for the 1/2 million rabblerousers  that will converge today. I must report that my law firm is on there TWICE. Apparently our transgressions are that bad. So in addition to the extra security and secret costumes I must don, I am also advised not to go out for lunch. Which is fine. Because I was planning on bringing in anyway. The lunch food in these parts just never did measure up to midtown Manhattan (I would do a lot for a Sophie’s Cuban steak sandwich right about now).

There are complicated maps and admonitions about what transportation to use and avoid and some companies told nonessential people to stay home. Now, I can’t decide if it’s better to be “essential” or “nonessential” in the workplace. What do you think? One designation means you might not get fired, the other means you don’t have to come in on snow days and during mass political protests. This is a tough call.

pubYou know what image makes me sad? One of a pub being boarded up so as not to get destroyed by would-be looters. How can you shut a pub?! Remember when the WTO met in Seattle and a Starbucks was looted? That really got to me. I mean, have you had a skim chai latte??? (Btw, in this cuckoo country it is skinny chai latte.) Why can’t the protesters just resign to pretend capitalism like the rest of us?

Also, I have yet again misunderstood the dress code. I am wearing normal business casual today. Which is sort of what I wear every day, and I guess an American phrase. The phrase my firm used was “less formal attire”. Now what would you presume that to mean? Less formal does not equal casual to me and yet everyone at work today is wearing jeans. DOH. Reminds me of that other clothing expression that gets me every time. Fancy dress. If you get invited to a party that says “fancy dress”- do not show up in a floor-length ballgown or tux. Come in a gorilla costume or Scream mask. Cause fancy dress = costume party. Weird I know. These weird weird people.

Obama’s First Major Foreign Trip as President

The BIG NEWS is that Obama is here. His first trip abroad and the Europeans love him anyway and the British hate Gordon Brown so all-in-all he is totally like the Homecoming King to all the other world leaders’ manager for the Girls softball team or flag bearer for the marching band.

obamasI can’t but feel tremendous pride as the so-far beloved Obamas touch down here. Europe and the media love them and it’s nice to be tangentially connected. Very remotely. Incredibly remotely. Aren’t they glamorous? Like JFK and Jackie but without the womanizing.

winfield_house_londonWait, the BIGGER news is that he is staying right near us. We live one block from Regent’s Park where the U.S. Ambassador is located and that’s where Baracky is staying and it is totally like we’re having a sleepover. I rented Sixteen Candles and bought Doritos and root beer just in case.

lrg_253As NFAH pointed out yesterday, Obama will be eating a meal prepared by Jamie Oliver. Does anyone like Jamie Oliver’s food? Seriously? His took the British post-punk millennium haircut to an extreme level and if that isn’t enough to dislike him, I feel like all his recipes involve quail eggs or weeds he pulls out from the ground before your eyes. What’s grosser than gross? Jamie Oliver’s food.

So um, I wrote this whole thing about how we just found out we were having twins. It was really good. Really. And then Bryan said it was a mean April Fool’s joke. And I said, is there any other kind? And then he said I couldn’t do a joke about our baby. So fine, thanks for ruining April Fool’s- possibly my favorite holiday of the year. I am so disappointed I have to add an emoticon. 😦



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14 responses to “london in lockdown (and obama abroad)

  1. Big Pipes

    agreed jamie oliver’s recipes are crap. if i was obama i would make my own pbj for the trip.

  2. poren

    i love that picture of the Obamas. It’s on the bottom part of the front page of today’s NY Times and it made me so happy. Our president and first lady are hot!…oh yeah and I am in almost complete agreement with him on the majority of his policies…no but seriously, look how hot they are!!!
    Happy April Fools, you know I so would have bought the twins story.

  3. mira

    My heart skipped a beat at the twins thing. I was so ready to give you all kinds of unsolicited twins advice.

    But then I remembered the evil April Fool’s joke you played on me in college. So evil it cannot be repeated. Ever. In fact maybe we aren’t friends anymore?!?!?!?!?!?!? ha ha emoticon.

  4. anne

    speaking of having twins…I was at the doctor this morning and the waiting room was FILLED with women that were pregnant with twins. It was really weird. They were HUGE! And they still had months and months to go in their pregnancy. And apparently these twins were all naturally conceived. There was very interesting conversation going on between them – I was kind of sad to get called in to see the doctor even though I’d been waiting for 45 minutes.

  5. Big Pipes

    just got big news, i am having twins!

  6. I kinda like the Jaime at Home show – makes me wish I had a really nice vegetable garden (along with a gardener), but I don’t think I’ve ever made any of his recipes.
    See, the problem with twins is, you have to watch out cause there’s always one that gets all the good genetics, and the other turns into Danny DeVito (dated, lame jokes – I’m ON it.)

  7. yael

    Coincidence: I actually ate PB&J for lunch yesterday.

    Now I wish I had done the twins trick. Curses Bryan!

    Mira, I swear I have blocked out my supposedly-evil AF trick. I am too pure of heart.

    Anne, now I am curious what kind of doctor you were at… hmm…

  8. Ney Ney

    I noticed that you didn’t tell everyone about the Wonderful April Fools Day Joke you gave me when you were back in college. I was in an elevator at the time and I am still scared of elevators.
    CNN did an in-depth report this morning on Michelle Obama’s wardrobe. Protestors waving signs in the street weighed in on Michelle’s color pallete, skirt length and accessory choices.

  9. snosh

    uhm, i would’ve screamed out loud until i passed out and then screamed on the phone to you until you hung up on me if i read a post about you having twins and the final line was “April Fool’s”. Thank goodness Hubby talked you out of that. Fo’ really tho’.

  10. Richard Weed

    I can almost here your whiny American twang when I read this piece – good work!

  11. yael

    Ney Ney and Mira, sorry I am so evil with April Fool’s. I am going to start strategizing g-rated tricks I can play…

    Richard: Mission accomplished!

  12. Richard Weed

    apologies for the typo – it’s obviously hear not here

  13. What’s grosser than gross? Jamie Oliver’s hair, as you say.

  14. Adrian Adonis

    Weed is a cool last name.

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