Friday I was at work on the phone with Bryan and he was explaining to me that this week central London would be a nightmare because of the G20. And I was like, what’s G20? And he was like, do you even read a newspaper? Which made me so mad because OF COURSE I read the newspaper. I know everything about Prince Harry’s possible new girlfriend.

Well G20 is coming here in just days and apparently we have to be prepared. Law firms are telling their staffs that the hundreds of thousands of protesters expected may be targeting City lawyers and that we should “dress down” and maybe consider not carrying a briefcase. I feel two things about this advice: (1) this is good because I always dress down and so now I will blend in better at work and (2) this is ludicrous. I am not afraid of protesters. Wait, yes I am. They would probably even hit a pregnant girl. Now Bryan’s company is telling people to “dress up” and I am having trouble discerning the logic of this very conflicting advice. Are we going to throw the protesters off if we all dress like it’s ‘Opposite Day’ at work? If so, I will be wearing a man’s suit and a clown nose.

Now I do not turn my nose up at some of the most powerful heads of state in the world converging on one city to determine how to solve the severity of the global economic crisis through coordinated response. But I am more focused on what restaurant I might see Obama at. Will he go fancy like Gordon Ramsay or man-of-the-people and go eat at a pub?



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2 responses to “g20

  1. Since they’ve got Jamie Oliver doing the catering I’m not sure he’ll need to go out, but I would definitely guess pub…

  2. The trouble with the G20 is that they keep changing the number. There’s the G7, and I heard the other day that we only really need to focus on the G2.

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