where the wild things are

I wouldn’t be doing my job here if I didn’t report on news long after the fact and also bring you clips you’ve already been forwarded weeks prior. So without further ado-

Where the Wilds Things Are, the beloved children’s book by Maurice Sendak (yeah Brooklyn Jew!), potentially had a profound effect on quite a few of us. Because we knew it when we were young and could relate to the pain of being relegated to our bedrooms, in trouble, and harboring those disturbing thoughts of what it meant to have parents mad at us. Maybe it was just me. I think I spent a good deal of time in that position. And then you throw in the possibility of NO DINNER and, well, that’s just crazy. I have never skipped a meal in my life and the thought of it is t e r r o r i z i n g. And then there is the imagination part. Remember that? Imagination.

So Bryan has been asking me for days if I would watch the trailer for Spike Jonze’s cinematic adaptation of the classic book. And I kept delaying for g-d knows what good reason. I was too busy watching Oprah or eating dark chocolate or something. He finally cornered me. And holy. If he’s not right. It doesn’t hurt that it is buoyed by an Arcade Fire song, an all-star cast and what, Dave Eggers is involved?! I hope you love it as much as we do. And since it will come to London approximately 8 months after our American friends see it, I hope you pour out a drop of your Miller Lite in honor of your homies abroad. Who want to remember what imagination feels like.

Let the wild rumpus begin.



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2 responses to “where the wild things are

  1. yael

    I just found out Josh had a blog! I like being a day late and a dollar short on everything… it’s sort of my signature thang.

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