Of all the made up words on the planet, the above made up verb is my favorite. A guy pressed up against me on the tube yesterday said it very seriously to his girlfriend he was fighting with. I think, in solidarity, we should all try to use it today in a professional work context.



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5 responses to “conversate

  1. tosha

    uhm, this word is NOT made up, it is a legitimate word in ebonics.
    anyway, it makes my blood boil when people use the word conversate and if anyone ever uses it in a sentence while speaking to me i usually walk away without responding.

  2. rebecca

    Hi. It’s lunch time. While I wait for my leftovers to heat up, I shall conversate with my co-workers in the kitchen. Toodles.

  3. Big Pipes

    tasha, u need to check yourself before u wreck yourself. i used this word several times this morning before i even read yael’s post….could have sworn i picked it up from S.I. Hayakawa.

  4. I heard a new word this w/e. Itinerate. Do you think you could conversate while itinerating?

  5. Pleban

    “Irregardless” – this one drives me nuts

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