baby shower for me, sxsw for him

A weekend in America, doing very American things like making people buy you presents off a gift registry and eating barbecue.

We both had perfect, memorable and amazing weekends- the kind that make you forget you took transatlantic redeye flights in coach class with screaming babies and the only d**chebag on the entire flight that wanted his bright light on the entire time was sitting 1 inch from you. United Airlines, it’s so cool you don’t hand out eye masks for sleeping.

We also both got to see some of our bestest friends in the whole world and snuggle up in some family love. It feels rejuvenating and like maybe it will be okay that in T minus a few months we will never sleep, dress well, eat out or talk to each other again.

Some of my favorite girlfriends and family girls threw me a baby shower at my mom’s house. They did a world-class job and I recommend them if you are looking for event planners for your next do. We decorated onesies and did a Yael/Bryan/baby trivia game and ate delicious food and the best cake and desserts and some people drank and everyone had to watch me open gifts which is, yes, awkward but who doesn’t like baby stuff and lots of baby advice was traded and my mom’s generation definitely made fun of the fear-mongering overly commercial nature of pregnancy these days but luckily I don’t fear enough as I just flew in my third trimester and ate 2 bags of peanuts when I got home. Either they are tainted from a factory or I have just given in-utero baby a serious allergy, but either way the peanuts tasted good and my baby shower felt so, so, so, so sweet. I can have this child because it is already loved and protected by so many. People who in some cases came from very far away. And the gifts were too generous and will be treasured.

img_5827 img_58281 img_5830 img_5849 img_60091 img_5870 img_5884 img_5883 img_5882 img_58811 img_59101 img_5911 img_59221 img_5935 img_5861 img_5965 img_5971 img_5985 img_5991 img_5993

Made with hands and love for baby

img_5847 img_5908 img_5915img_5920 img_5931 img_59461


Bryan had a Bryan bliss weekend of 400 concerts a day, bad food, 80 degree weather and two of his favorite friends. His celebrity sightings included not just MILFy coach’s wife Tami from FNL but also Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, Matt Pinfield and the fat friend from My Name As Earl. And a bazillion musicians. I wish he had seen Dooce and Pioneer Woman because they were both there.

img_6075 img_6083 img_6102 img_6110



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3 responses to “baby shower for me, sxsw for him

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  3. tosha

    it was wonderful seeing you, lady. i very much enjoyed the baby kicking my hand when i spoke to your belly 🙂

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