since we’re on the subject of texas…fnl time!!

I am currently en route to Virginia for the weekend to make sure my family and friends can touch my belly at least once before it becomes a washboard (OH yeah) again one day. It is so many things to go through a pregnancy far away from “everyone” but I wouldn’t trade it. I will maybe blog about that another time, but there are more pressing concerns at hand.

Friday Night Lights.

fridaynightlightsBased on Tuesday’s comments, it’s time to revive an old and favorite theme. Friday Night Lights is the best television. Ever. It will make your relationships better, your personality better, and you will be happier. For realsies yo.

I feel like such a lemming saying that. I mean Bill Simmons, ESPN’s The Sports Guy said it first, my brother Josh said it first, a lot of people said it first. But we got in the game and we’re now true, true believers. It’s worth writing about because some of you don’t seem convinced yet. Which is so strange to me. How hard is it to rent one season of a show or download two episodes? Are you too busy reading a book or something?

Some miscellaneous thoughts I have about the show:

  • The characters seem real, like you could maybe know them if they weren’t so impossibly beautiful
  • Flat West Texas makes for good visuals
  • I sort of hate sports and still love this show
  • It is insane how women and men can be equal fanatics to it. How often does that happen?
  • You start daydreaming that the Taylors are your parents
  • The actors are not yet disgustingly famous and so it’s a good time to watch (Minka Kelly bordered on it with her brief fling with John Mayer)
  • I may be the only one on earth that recognized Coach Taylor from his days on “Early Edition”
  • The show never panders
  • Everyone seems human, everyone has the potential to be flawed and likable
  • Tim Riggins is the hottest man alive, and I never usually like guys with long-ish hair
  • It says a lot about a show where you enjoy watching the parent and adult scenes as much as teenager ones
  • So awesome a main character is in a wheelchair
  • The opening theme song is sweet, sweet music and you would never, ever want to fast forward through it
  • Every time we finish an episode, Bryan and I don’t even talk because we know exactly what the other person is thinking. It’s a mix of a drug high and trembling fear that someday we might not be able to get that next hit. But also euphoria and a wish that everyone we know would watch too.

I can’t embed this link, but click on it for me. I’ll never ask anything of you again.

This is annoying- the only clip I could get of the theme music is with the dumb Twilight people. So close your eyes and turn up the sound. And get pumped. Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. CAN’T LOSE.



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9 responses to “since we’re on the subject of texas…fnl time!!

  1. listgirl

    The link is not working 😦 And I was hoping that we would get a shout out for our role in facilitating this addition. Texas forever.

  2. listgirl

    oops – addiction not addition….it’s been a long week.

  3. Pleban

    Not to mention that Tami Taylor has the most fantastic breasts this side of 40 years old…

  4. Pleban

    A couple more thoughts:
    1 – When Riggins and Street went to NYC in season 3, I kept thinking… haven’t I see this same scenario before? In Mexico?…. The thing though about FNL is, I could watch that same scenario occur in each season, in a new location, over and over again – and I would never get sick of seeing Riggins giving his buddy street-smart advice that leads him to the promised land.
    2 – I got a major thing for Minka Kelly – so much so that Beth caught be rewinding/rewatching the recent scene where shes drunk and dancing with Billy Riggins’ “fiancé.”

    Texas forever, indeed.

  5. hoythappenings

    From a Texan who grew up in West Texas:

    1) We are crazy about high school football. My mom was a principal in the school district with a grad degree. The head football coach with only an undergrad made more money than my mom. Yep, we love our football. Thus, the storylines in FNL are ridiculously true. (Redrawing district lines? Sure! Huge, expensive scoreboards? Of course!)

    2) West Texas does offer some nice footage but sadly, FNL is filmed outside of Austin in the Hill Country. Yep, that’s the same Hill Country that Lance Armstrong trains on for his big races.

    3) I was in Hollywood a year ago and was at the base of Runyon Canyon when Tyra Collette (Adrianne Palicki) emerged. I almost passed out but thankfully remembered that I was a New Yorker. New Yorkers trip over themselves trying not to act all giddy when seeing Hollywood types.

    4) Finally, Don’t Mess With Texas.

  6. hoythappenings

    oops, that last comment is from Joe. not Laura. Laura would never, ever claim Texas. bless her heart.

  7. yael

    BIG NEWS UPDATE: Bryan texted me at 4am GMT to tell me he stood next to Coach Taylor’s Wife aka Tami Taylor aka Connie Britton not once, but TWICE, at SXSW. I don’t know why he didn’t speak to her, probably was looking at her cleavage. Said she was beautiful.

    listgirl, did you guys turn us on to it?… swear it was my bro. Either way, we’re even from the Dillon Panthers t-shirts ; )

    Pleban, good point. Although I feel like Riggins might be esp helpful to Street since he is dating his first love. Isn’t that against some guy code? Oh wait, sisters are supposed to be too!

  8. Joe made my husband and me start watching FNL. He really really worked at it. And then we did, so he would stop talking to us about it. And now, of course – we cannot stop talking to him about it.

    We love it for all the reasons you mentioned, and my confession? I loved it when Tim Riggins hooked up with his older neighbor. Because if he were my neighbor…I’ll just leave it at that.

  9. I just hit the link for the theme song, and it just so happened that Pandora decided to start playing an AC/DC track (It’s a Long Way Down) at the same.exact.time.

    I thought it odd that AC/DC was the theme to FNL.

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