music is my boyfriend

Yesterday Bryan flew to South by Southwest. Or if you’re cool enough: SXSW.

I have mentioned before Bryan’s deep and abiding love for indie rock, hip hop, anything newly discovered. He devours Brooklyn Vegan like it’s his one-a-day vitamin and I am pretty sure he made a concession deal with his soul that it was okay to marry me despite my inability to lose myself in my iPod. He also loves his guy friends and a few of them are doing the trip together and so really it’s a double whammy of happiness that I hope Bryan makes it out of alive. Because sometimes I worry he’ll be afflicted with Happy Overload. Serious stuff.

I also have to say (I mean, I just have to) that Austin, Texas is a wonderful place. If you’re not really into the whole Texas-thing, it’s an oasis. Hilly, verdant, the sparkling turquoise Lake Travis, delicious food… plus government, an excellent university and bats to keep things interesting.

Speaking of oasis and music… because I can’t even pretend anymore that this is a good blog, I can take irresponsible liberties and truly post whatever I like. So I bring you a fave: Jay-Z mocking Oasis, after Noel Gallagher dissed him, at England’s Glastonbury Festival this past summer.


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One response to “music is my boyfriend

  1. jul

    Ha- If I’d realized that you are such a Jay Z fan, I would have put “Brooklyn Go Hard” on baby’s 1st mix tape!

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