your boring blogging friend

Right, that’s me.

I could tell you all about our weekend but then you would have to hear about how Bryan did our taxes and I did eight loads of laundry. Okay there’s actually more.

img_6024My dad was en route back to the U.S. from a conference in Tblisi, Georgia where he was a speaker (sort of sounds like my career) and fortuitously had a night layover in London. We were very happy to have him and had a nice night eating steak frites at Entrecote and then going to see “Gran Torino”. Would you have Clint Eastwood’s baby? I totally would.

So this morning I get to work in all my third trimester glory (today I think it starts) and I decide for the umpteenth time I am too dizzy to sit at my desk and work. Usually this means I retreat to sitting on the floor in the corner but today I decided that wouldn’t do. I needed to be horizontal. In a PG-rated sort of way.

sketch-loosSo I bit the bullet and requested one of my firm’s “sleeping pods”. I have been dying to see these anyway. I just assumed they would look egg-like similar to the spaceship in Mork & Mindy or the loos at Sketch. But it turns out they are like mini hotel rooms. Law firms are magical and mysterious places.



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8 responses to “your boring blogging friend

  1. mira

    sleeping pods?!? what was it like? that is the coolest. SOMEONE PLEASE REMIND ME why I work for a non-profit organization where I haven’t had the time to get the maintenance people to put bulletin boards up on the walls since we moved into our new modest office let alone take a vacation since June… is your firm hiring? are they making large charitable contributions to organizations in need of sleeping pods?

  2. marlene

    yes, can you explain this sleeping pod thing? that sounds so awesome! as for the dizziness…are you eating frequently enough? think lots of little snacks, since it’s hard to eat a lot when the belly starts taking up all the room.

  3. tosha

    what! i’m glad i am not the only confused one here. i don’t understand. is that pic what they look like or is that a joke pic? in the same vein/vain?? as mira’s post- i can’t even get hanging file folders at city hall. i had to go around to other ppl’s cabinets during lunch time last week and steal their empty ones! sleep pod request? what!

  4. yael

    So the little photo are the bathrooms at Sketch- a bar/lounge/club in London. I was hoping our firm’s “sleeping pods” would look the same since “pod” evokes an egg to me. Sadly, they are just normal little hotel-like rooms.

    I can see how this might sound like a delicious working perk. But remember, it is a perk for corporate lawyers that have to work 48 hours straight on a deal, and sleep and shower at the office. I would guess you don’t want to trade places with them. I think I was a special first aid exception. And yes, I am going to the doc tomorrow : )

    Wait, do you guys want me to mail you some office supplies? Jk. I would never steal from work. Unless you count time theft. Jk. Would never do that either.

  5. mira

    Tosha – I am going to SF in July for a convention (which may end up being my vacation at this rate – how fun!!!) — I will personally bring you file folders; those I have in abundance!! I will trade places them during the times when I also work 48 hours on a “deal”! ha ha. I love the pod and am glad you got to use it. I hope you are feeling okay. Marlene sounds like she knows what she is talking about with the frequent snacking thing. Take good care of yourself!! We love you.

  6. Holy smokes – at first I thought the “sleeping pods” were placed there for some altruistic purpose, such as caring for your emlpoyees’ health and well being.
    Well, guess that wasn’t the case, and they are only there to squeeeeeze a few more billables out of the billable machine. Silly me.

  7. mdouris25

    I actually wish my office had sleeping pods. As someone who has been in the office for 72 straight hours more than once in the past 6 months and left the office only to shower at my nearby gym … I would find the pod remarkable. Although reading this makes me think I totally drank the company Kool-Aid if I find this acceptable … hmmm.

  8. mira

    by the way, love the photo of you and your dad 🙂

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