josh & kaci took london

img_6021I don’t know if it’s the elevated level of hormones coursing through my body, but each time one of my brothers begins his impending departure from London, I have a bit of a good cry. With Micah it was when I saw his tshirts neatly folded in his suitcase (which overwhelmed me because they were his shirts and I knew he had taken care to fold them) and with Josh it started at dinner the other night and lasted 24 hours to the point I saw a thank-you note on our dining room table in his handwriting. Our very sibling-ness and all its craziness is the thing I love the most and I’m always conscious of the youthful years I wasted not appreciating it, not looking up to him. We’re almost exactly one year apart which makes us some kind of fluke Jewish version of “Irish twins” and means our poor parents had two Aries children, apparently something the Fates are not supposed to allow.

Having Josh & Kaci in London was a true gift to me and yet another example of the deep friendship that Bryan and I have with them- the hours and days we can spend in any city, in any country creating adventures, never running out of things to laugh about and always drinking a fine drink. Or in my case, toasting to what may now be my 8,429th ginger ale in the past seven months. Needless to say, we do already miss our Seattle family.

Now for the inevitable itinerary details and joint photos: Borough Market, Vinopolos, Tate Modern, Thames, Millennium Bridge to St Pauls, Marylebone shopping and market, Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill, Notting Hill, Kensington Gardens, High Tea, bus tour, Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, sort of Big Ben / Westminster Abbey / St James Park / Buckingham Palace, Jermyn Street, Fortnum & Mason, Cabinet War Rooms and Churchill Museum, Covent Garden shopping, The National Gallery and of course xbox and People magazine and cheese and many, many, many perfect pubs.

img_5707 img_5710 img_5713 img_5715

img_1071 img_1055  img_1065 img_5898 img_5719 img_5757 img_5777 img_5805 img_5815  img_1121  img_5922 img_1129 img_1144 img_5938 img_5946 img_5950 img_5974 img_1194 img_1224 img_1249 img_1251 img_1266 img_1295 img_1330

Oh yeah, and hats. Always hats.

img_5900 img_1146



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5 responses to “josh & kaci took london

  1. Rebecca

    I don’t know what my excuse is, but I kinda teared up at this blog entry. I love the Utts. When siblings are friends that = happiness to me. And Kaci is going to be a beautiful bride!!

  2. Marlene

    Posts like this make me consider having more kids. I totally would if I could guarantee they’d love each other and be friends like the Utt and Signer siblings! This only child is jealous 🙂

  3. poren

    adorable post. I love when siblings are friends too!!!! so freaking cute and yael, could you be more gorgeous??? that orange beret photo needs to be a magazine cover, for realz.

  4. tosha

    yes, here is another only child that is jealous 🙂 and ditto to becky’s post- i teared up a lil’ too …

  5. yael

    Marlene, have more kids for sure. Siblings rule. Especially after the first 18 years when you’re trying very hard to murder one another.

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