bizkit will save us

There is nothing like waking up to a radio presenter on the BBC talking about a shooting spree by a man in Alabama that left ten dead. And then just when you’re able to drag yourself to work in the fog of terrible news, you learn that a student in Germany has opened fired in a classroom, killing up to 15 people. At least I am distracted away from the alarming proliferation of recent plane crashes.

I never liked the word “spree” after shooting. Spree is a word that should be reserved only for shopping, like that game show where you had X amount of time to put stuff in your shopping basket. Or people that win contests where they get to do the same. I always wonder where I would spend my time if I won a shootingshopping spree at Target. I am thinking greeting cards and tchotchkes. I am one of those space cadets that would forget to grab big-ticket electronics.

On this day of bad news, there is only one thing that can make me feel better. And no matter that it’s already been circulating for months or that Dooce and her $1 million+ annual salary for blogging about her personal life had it first.

The only thing that can pull us out of this funk is Bizkit. I dare you not to laugh every time.



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2 responses to “bizkit will save us

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  2. Sue

    or Huraaaaaaaaaaay for Bizkit

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