celebrity (near) misses

I am always pleased when someone visits us in New York or London and we can deliver a celebrity sighting. Yes, I always take credit for the fortuitous timing that allows it. It’s harder in London because I could probably only pick about five British celebrities out of a lineup. Although seeing Gwynnie, Chris and Madonna at one seating could have been enough to last a lifetime.

Well I am ashamed to say that in the past two days, my visiting family and I have passed by- not one- but TWO celebrities and I have somewhat ruined it. On Sunday in Notting Hill after casually passing a tall leggy blonde trying to balance a child on her bicycle, I was trying to engage my brother in a fascinating talk I was delivering about the secret gardens in the neighborhood- a la Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts snuggling in Notting Hill. While I was forcing Josh to smash his head harder through the iron gates of the fence to sneak a peak, Bryan and Kaci were behind us mouths agape. When we all started to walk again, they informed us they had just passed Claudia Schiffer on a bike. Within seconds, two adorable Englishmen came up to us to inform us that it was in fact Elle Macpherson. Same diff right. And for 24 hours I had to hear about how I prevented my brother from seeing his biggest SI crush of all time because I was making him look at a garden.

Then yesterday we were walking past Big Ben en route to Westminster Abbey. I made everyone stop at the curb so Josh and I could pose for a significant number of photographs of us trying to “pinch” Big Ben. I mean who doesn’t like funny pictures where you’re pretending to hold a landmark in your hands. We then meandered over to Westminster Abbey only to realize there was some very important event letting out with high-level officials from countries all over the world spilling out of the church. We walked on some more to be greeted by a girl screaming into her cell phone that she had JUST SEEN THE QUEEN. Seeing the Queen in London is much harder to do than you might think. And as I tried to figure out what was going on, it turns out the Queen was driving right past us in a Rolls Royce. Or Bentley. Who knows. And I know it happened because I convinced a very nice man with a video camera, Gary, to rewind his footage and show it to us.

Turns out Gary also captured us looking confused. He was nice enough to send some pics along because he knows how hard Tuesdays are for all of you.

 img_5992 img_5994 queen1 queen2 queen-confused

So we were 2 seconds late for The Queen. But I feel like it was 100% worth it for this photo of us “holding” Big Ben, especially because we got the posing so accurate.




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