borough market


I have sort of lost the plot of whether I have really blogged about Borough Market before. “Losing the plot” is just one among many of my favorite English phrases, and I use it often- mostly to make up for being scared of “cheers”.

img_54721Borough Market is London’s oldest food market and occupies a perfect space on the South Bank of the Thames. It is conveniently located to the Southwark Cathedral, Tate Modern, Shakespeare’s Globe, the Thames Walk, many bridges and sweeping views, St Paul’s Cathedral, waterfront pubs and at least 17 Wagamamas. It is hard to describe to people and then when you bring them, especially if they’re a foodie at heart, it is love at first sight. Avoid going on a Saturday because I have heard the Greek lamb burgers topped with grilled halloumi cheese are good, but you’ll have to throw some elbows through the crowd just to get to the long queue.

My older brother Josh and his fiancee Kaci arrived from Seattle yesterday. I was going to feel really bad about their treacherous flight, but it turns out it was 9 hours, only 1 more than my flights to Virginia. Apparently they fly over the North Pole or something which demonstrates I do not so much understand geography or the Earth’s axis. Who wants to be on my Trivial Pursuit team?? Anyway, we are so happy they’re here for a week. And they are some of the biggest foodies we know so today is Borough Market day and every night is Awesome London Restaurant time.

This is just a small sampling of the offerings at Borough Market. I apologize if the four million photos are uploading slowly for you. Basically, I am saying that I apologize your computer is a piece of sh*t. Meet me at Borough Market and I’ll make it up to you with the World’s Greatest Sandwich: double chorizo with roasted red pepper and rocket on fresh bread. When I bite into it, even though I do so illegally because I am prego, it is as though I am elevated just a little closer to heaven.


img_54191 img_5421 img_5422 img_5427 img_5430 img_54311 img_5425 img_54411 img_5432 img_54451 img_54511 img_54541   img_54601 img_54621 img_5464 img_5467 img_54681 img_54761



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7 responses to “borough market

  1. Destination: Borough Market…..This summer with Zygie in tow!!!

  2. Stories like this one about relative flight lengths just perpetuate the myth, and make life harder for those of us living in the flyover states. Maybe Seattle is truly just an hour’s flight from Virginia.

  3. Jeremy

    I’m wish I had the greek lamb burger rather than the beef burger…. I was just so hungry and couldn’t muster up the patience to search and find it! Damn…

    I also wish i bought a pound of Stilton… only because it was Winston Churchill’s favorite cheese.

  4. treeennner

    its your fault i have gained weight! your pictures make me so damn hungry!!!

  5. mdouris25

    I promise to fed ex you monthly boxes of rice-a-roni, jiffy peanut butter, secret deoderant and trashy weekly magazines for just one jar of the sea salt with black truffle.

  6. Brilliant photos of Borough. I own Northfield Farm, been there since the modern renaissance of the market & just feeling (crawling) my way through the blogging experience. Keep plugging it to your friends. We, the traders need your support more than ever.
    Do you mind if I use some of your photos of the Market food?

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