wednesday funk

So every time a season of The Bachelor officially ends, my serotonin levels drop precipitously. I feel a bit unmoored, wondering what will now get me through each week.

That, combined with that March feeling that it might never get warm, leaves me completely unable to handle the daily misery of lost jobs and home foreclosures. We have friends and family members affected and are not so delusional to think we are immune. It’s an eerie time to be an employee- the knowledge that you can’t really expect job satisfaction or deserved pay because somewhere there is a boss or client lurking who might just remind you to be grateful you have a job at all. There is a lot of pride swallowing going around as people tuck their tails between their legs at work, apply for entry-level jobs they are overqualified for, live without health insurance, move in with family members and- according to Lisa Ling’s special report on Oprah– even live in tent cities in powerful industrialized nations.

That’s why good news is a hot commodity. I typed “good news” into Google and found this: The lower-case G and N means hopefully it’s Jesus-free. Not that Jesus is bad. In fact I am salivating just thinking about Cadbury Creme Egg season… but we all need a little nondemoninational good news too. Like:

As for me, since the new season of The Bachelorette is airing May 18 I think I’ll be okay too.



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3 responses to “wednesday funk

  1. kate

    OMG! What did you think of the finale of bachelor??

  2. Clearly I’m missing something here. How are you watching the Bachelor? Please tell me your secret! A friend told me about Torrent. Is that by chance what you use?

  3. yael

    I actually liked the chaos and drama of the finale. And I don’t hate Jason. He’s just boring which is his biggest crime.

    Kristy, we watch through our laptop because we have a hooked up in NY to a family member’s tv. Get one- it will change your life. And then we can discuss The Bachelor together 🙂

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