whisky tasting

I love spelling whisky the international way. Americans have added the “e”. Usually we are not the ones that add all the extra letters. Achem.

So, as I have mentioned before, it turns out I am the greatest wife that has ever walked the planet earth. In that vein, for Hanukkah one of Bryan’s 8 (million) presents was a ticket to Whisky Live London 2009. I actually went and got quite a bit of attention for being a pregnant woman among hundreds of (mostly) male whisky connoisseurs. When asked I simply said that baby likes scotch. What can I do.


So I can’t even begin to think of my favorite part of the afternoon. Maybe the fact that the event was at a country club in Fulham and when the h*ll will I ever get to go to an English country club ever again- grass tennis courts and all.


Maybe it was the woman reporting on the event from “Single Malt TV” or the fact that there was an auction. I hope one day I am rich enough to bid on alcohol.

img_5822 img_5848

Or maybe that Yamazaki single malt was well-represented and all we could all think of was Bill Murray in Lost in Translation: “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time.”

img_58121 img_5813

Or maybe that I kept seeing men in kilts.

img_5799 img_5828

Or that, OF COURSE, the one American bourbon whiskey included was being promoted by a good ‘ol boy in a white baseball hat. We are just caricatures of ourselves. If you ever need to spot an American boy in Europe, just look for a baseball cap or a t-shirt or golf shirt with words on it.




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5 responses to “whisky tasting

  1. Or a sweatshirt with the name of a University on it. That always screams “hey, I’m American, kick me!”

  2. Maddo

    dont forget shorts!

  3. Maddo

    And i always love the pose for a pregnant woman pretending to drink alcohol, by holding the glass far, far away from her mouth. as if thats how one really drinks whisky. or as if to think that her friends don’t trust her so that she really needs to demonstrate ‘I’M NOT REALLY DRINKING IT!!’ i trust you mami; and you look adorable.

  4. yael

    I don’t love the taste of scotch, so I find that if I sort of “waterfall” it, it goes down smoother. Always believe that a pregnant woman in Europe drinks. Adorable, yes- that too.

  5. I think that Irish whiskey has an ‘e’ and Scotch whisky doesn’t. I’m just telling you that in case you ever go to Ireland. I’d hate you to get lynched for claiming that ‘e’ as your own.

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