mr. anglophile goes to london


Jeremy was a good guest. He is allowed to come back. The best part is we all slept in until 10am every day. I like when people don’t require me to wake up early and let’s be honest, I have been told that starting in June I will never sleep past 5am again. I could start bawling just thinking about that- but let’s proceed.

The long weekend was lucky with weather and Jeremy was a sport (and I am a sport because as usual I walked all over this city carrying 15 extra lbs) because we had an unusually high number of social events to attend to, and he came along and charmed everyone with his Jeremy-ways. We dragged him to no less than a group dinner, an engagement party, an impromptu flat visit and multiple taxi rides with Bryan’s co-workers. We went out for Indian and Jeremy invited an English girl to dinner he had met one time in Argentina. I think he must know a lady in at least every NATO nation. She taught him the term “bits and bobs” so watch out as I believe he is trying to use it quite often in casual conversation.

Jeremy is also an amateur photographer. I am like an amateur’s apprentice JV bench-warming photographer. So bear with us here.

House of Commons (Jeremy’s happy place), Borough Market, Thames, Jermyn Street, group dinner in East London

img_5737 img_5739 img_5745 img_5759 img_5773 img_5772

Whisky tasting day

img_5793 img_5812 img_5807 img_5855

photo shoot in Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill, Abbey Road, Notting Hill

img_5505 img_5526 img_5512 img_5581 img_5589 img_5593 img_5586 img_5601



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3 responses to “mr. anglophile goes to london

  1. Rebecca

    I love that bump shot of you!!!

  2. sonjey

    You look GREAT!!!!

  3. Sonya

    The B&W shot of you in Regents is fantastic.

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