my brain hurts

My friend Jeremy from law school arrived yesterday for a visit. I like titles. Jeremy from Law School. It differentiates him from Jeremy from a Long Time Ago as well as provides the listener with the subtle hint that I WENT TO LAW SCHOOL…I MIGHT BE SMART.

img_5163Jeremy has now only been here 24 hours and is in true form. His first stop was the Cabinet War Rooms to soak in some WWII history followed by a look for the Winston Churchill Museum and then a visit to Parliament to see the lively floor debates. Some people might stop at a pub first or see Big Ben. Not Jeremy. Straight to history and government and then when we came home weary from work, he spent a great deal of time telling us about all the various articles in New Yorker and The Atlantic that we must read. And brought us a supply. This is the Jeremy that I love. The one that is so excited by annoying things like reading and learning. Although, as I often mention to him- I beat him by 2 points on the NY Bar Exam. Sometimes, laziness prevails.

In more American treats news, Jeremy brought us microwave popcorn. Which is surprisingly unavailable or expensive here. And my mom mailed us, straight to my heart, Rice A Roni and Girl Scout Cookies. A delicious combo.

img_5723 img_5725



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6 responses to “my brain hurts

  1. mira

    My crush on Jeremy just grew a little bit.

    Girl Scout Cookies are bad for developing babies so, um, just send them here please. 🙂

  2. Oh girl scout cookies; this started appearing as peoples’ facebook status today (ate GSC for breakfast) and now my stash of cheez-its looks lonely without thin mints.

  3. Yael – did you really get Samoas from your mom or did you just grab a photo from another website? They weren’t selling them this year (at least in New England) – they’ve changed the name to Caramel D’Lites. No, they’re not lighter in calories or fat AFAIK.

    NFAH – if only you’d made that comment BEFORE I mailed the Cheezits to you! (My daughter was selling GS cookies this year!) The obsession on my friends’ FB pages has been Cadbury’s mini eggs.

  4. yael

    They are really Samoas. What your Girl Scout Cookies are named depends on where you live and what baker produced them. GS uses two companies and they have different licensed names:

  5. yael

    Oh, see I noticed my red box is not called Tagalongs. The names are split. Bizarre, I know.

  6. Thanks Yael – I knew that they sell for different prices in different places – we were selling them for 50 cents/box less than in one of the states next door – but I didn’t know they had different bakers/names for the cookies.

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