art on our wall

We live in a flat with high ceilings, and big expanses of empty walls. Every day I think we should get something for the wall, and then I think: oh wait, I am lazy, don’t know anything about art, would rather spend my money on eyebrow threading and I’ll think about it again tomorrow. It’s been on my to-do list for a year. A list which I keep on white notebook paper when not writing on my hand. But the truth is, it’s just depressing to have bare walls. And I think our guests and friends that come over are also secretly depressed.  Every now and then Bryan says we should buy a tapestry, and then I shoot him that look… you know the look- the one that says: we’re not in college, even though our furniture is Ikea and I still cook Rice-A-Roni so you might think we’re in college, but we’re not.

Janelle, Micah’s talented artist of a girlfriend, surprised us with this beautiful gift when they visited last week.


That they lovingly hand-checked on the long flight over. Micah generously bought the canvases and the artist herself picked the color of the flowers because she heard I was moderately obsessed with turquoise and aqua, and the koi fish is all her own imagination. Little did she know my couch throw pillows are orange and so it turns out J and I are meant to be in each other’s lives. Not the least of which because we both wear black Chuck Taylors.




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5 responses to “art on our wall

  1. big pipes

    nice…i want one for my apartment. tell micah and janelle to pay a visit to nyc.

  2. A-MOR

    wow! she is talented. i think that’s the best type of art – the art that means something, has a story and is beautiful to gaze at.

  3. snosh

    oh my! its beautiful! i love it!

  4. mira

    Janelle is really talented. It’s beautiful! I’m looking around at my completely BARE office walls and thinking how depressing they are and how lovely a nice painting like that would be. Hmmm….

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