working-class americana

That was what I labeled the menu Monday night at our little Oscar party. We had eight friends over to watch the show, a day late, because we are the ones with a Slingbox. I don’t mind people wanting to be friends with us because of our technology. Or because of the fact that I only know how to cook unhealthy food. And in fairness, the menu was appropriate for all classes. Name me a person that doesn’t like mac & cheese, and I will show you a liar or an insecure lactose-intolerant person. Anyway, what does “working class” actually mean? Last time I checked, everyone I knew with money was working their asses off.

So the Oscars… did anyone else cry when Kate Winslet’s dad whistled from across the audience? Or is it my hormones? And btw, I agree with one of you that said it is a sham Gran Torino got no nominations. Bollocks.

I cannot believe we had ten people in our flat. That’s a record I think. It was a good time, but apparently not good enough for me to snap a single pic of the group. Instead I only captured the food. Something is wrong with me. But look, the thing I am most proud of is my first-ever ice cream cake. And also graduating college.

img_5709 img_5716 img_5714 img_5720



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7 responses to “working-class americana

  1. treeennner

    yes. i cried a little when Kate Winslet’s dad whistled. … but im pregnant too. so, maybe hormones?

    the food looks amazing!!!!

  2. Mmmmm! Looks like a party I would enjoy immensely. I’ve never eaten so much as sense I’ve been expecting twins. That’s the only time a pregnancy other than the first is special, if it is a twin pregnancy. And I thought it was awesome when Kate Winslet’s dad whistled across the theater for her! I got teary, but I’m pregnant too.

  3. mira

    I’m not pregnant! I got teary! But I am a twin. So maybe it is a pregnant thing or a twin thing. Or a being pregnant with twins thing.

    Yael the food looks delish!!

  4. Anne

    I cried at the whistle – and I’m not pregnant.

    And I got a healthy mac and cheese recipe in my e-mail today! In case your interested….

  5. yael

    Twins rule.

    You know what else rules? Mac & cheese recipe without 8 cups of butter! I will totally try it.

  6. mdouris25

    I totally cried at Kate Winslet’s dad’s whistle. I’m neither pregnant – nor a twin – but exceptionally “cry-y” lately. Just about any TV moment will reduce me to tears. And I agree with the odd absence of Gran Torino from the Oscars … I keep consoling myself with the notion that it wasn’t actually realeased until January 2009 – so maybe it will get nominated for NEXT years Oscars?

  7. snosh

    i didn’t (and have actually never) watch the oscars but were we living in the same city and you offered a spread like that i would have DEF been down for an oscars party 🙂

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