greg in london…again

img_5703We’re very lucky Greg does so much business in Europe, because he always swings by to see us. In fact, he had a night overlap with my family on Friday and brought his sleep-deprived humorous A-game. And finally, Bryan was able to go to a football match. The two of them went to see Arsenal v. Sunderland and Bryan did not get beat up for wearing the jersey I gave him- at least as far as I know. It was a 0-0 match and apparently people sing the entire time. You just take any song and replace every lyric with “Arsenal” over and over.

img_5688 img_5691 img_5693 img_5699



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3 responses to “greg in london…again

  1. mira

    So jel that Bry gets to see all of this good football!

  2. snosh

    whoa … so you let bryan take the camera from you for an afternoon?

  3. yael

    Ah very perceptive snosh… sometimes I do. Also luckily we have two cameras now. He actually takes better pics than me. Don’t tell Mr. Crockett.

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