micah & janelle in europe


It was v. v. v. good to see my younger brother and his equally fantastic girlfriend. I got really sad their last day which I guess is a good thing all told because it means I like my family. And miss them.

Given that they’re both on the right side of 30, I was worried we would be too old and boring for them. They remedied that by spending the first part of last week in Amsterdam:

img_2297 img_2318

They got back to London on Tuesday and braved the sometimes gray skies and difficulty getting ice in your drink at a restaurant and had an action-packed four days of: walking and more walking, bus tour, Dali exhibition, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, National Gallery, Wickedat the Apollo Victoria theatre, St Pauls, Tate Modern, Borough Market, Tower of London, Abbey Road and most important of all- shopping at H&M on Oxford Street. They went to three more museums than I have gone to since moving here so, um, not sure what to do about that. We also made them eat dinners at our holy trifecta of Indian, Korean bbq and Thai. Be warned all future visitors: Bryan and I have now tested every Korean bbq place in London and we have settled on a fave. The fact that you can rent your own karaoke room after you eat is just icing.

I bring you now a mix of our photos. Micah is (in)famous for never making a serious face on film, but I think Janelle and I might have reigned victorious on a few here.

img_5406  img_2347 img_2349 img_2358 img_2375 img_5646 img_5651 img_5662 img_5669 img_53911 img_5411 img_54371 img_5475 img_54861 img_2412 img_2419 img_5671 img_5677 img_5683 

It’s very hard to get Bryan to take a normal belly shot pic with me.




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6 responses to “micah & janelle in europe

  1. Rebecca

    the last picture says to me: Yael and Bryan are going to be very proper parents.

  2. I NEED to know what the best Korean bbq is…

  3. mira

    micah + janelle = c.u.t.e.

    yael’s belly = super cute.

  4. yael

    Proper parents… OF COURSE.

    Okay, so we have only tried three Korean bbq places, but so far I recommend Arang. The food is good and the servers are actually NICE! http://www.arang.co.uk/

  5. snosh

    uhm, why is micah not wearing a jacket in any of the outdoor pics??

  6. yael

    Signature Micah. No coat. No shave. No doctors. No digital cameras. No Facebook.

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