img_5561Micah and Janelle went to Harrods the other day. They were smart and ate their way through the famous food halls instead of taking photos. But last week we went with Bryan’s dad & Mary and I captured a few. We’ve been to Harrods before, and it’s as touristy as you might think. But there’s a reason people go there and I really can’t say you should avoid it on a trip to London. It’s worth a visit: for the counter treats, the 23 restaurants inside, the woman singing opera by the escalators, the luxury mini-department store for pets, the value of the handbags and ties and sunglasses and perfume that will make you wonder how one becomes an oil baron in the first place, the Cuban cigars and $1,000 bottles of wine, the couture, the Diana & Dodi memorials, the antique map room, the toys, the logo and the location. It’s probably the most famous department store in the world, and there are worse claims to fame.

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6 responses to “harrods

  1. I’m such a food bitch that when we were in London one time, Jenny dragged me practically kicking and screaming to Harrod’s, with promises of a food paradise. And it didn’t dissapoint – it’s actually really neat.
    It’s totally touristy, no doubt, but seeing some of the ridiculous things on display really are worth the trek.
    Oh, and Slumdog *will* win, and so will Ledger. Those are pretty much set in stone.

  2. mdouris25

    I was prepared to have a love/hate relationship with Harrod’s and when I went it became all un-abashedly “love”. Everyone kept talking about the food paradise – and all I could envision was basically Grand Central Market in the middle of Bloomingdales – meh. It’s rarely felt as good as it did then to be w-r-o-n-g. It was pretty awesome. And they checked my luggage. I can’t even get the counter person at Bloomingdales to pay attention to me long enough to ring up the item I’m purchasing – nevermind checking my luggage, being supremely polite and helpful and essentially acting as personal shoppers to help me find things I might like.

  3. sonjey

    Harrods was Heavenly!!!!!

  4. They have a Krispy Kreme?! Actually, I don’t know why that surprises me – Harrods has sold American style (i.e. large) fridges for many years – why not other American things?

  5. poren

    umm, holy cr*p, where can I get that cheetah coat and are said counter treats complimentary?? Kidding re the cheetah coat-I would never kid about free food;)

    p.s. i am protesting the oscars since gran torino-which i have yet to see, but heard is great- got the cold shoulder. are clint and leo the same??

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