invisible solid, please

img_5625My younger brother Micah and his girlfriend Janelle arrived in London this weekend before a quick turnaround trip to Amsterdam. We’re excited they’ll be back here on Tuesday for some perfect English shenanigans. As we find ourselves in the midst of the highest concentration of visitors, it’s been making me laugh lately the things I force people to bring me from the U.S.. People always offer and I always accept. Depending on my mood it might be brownie mix or Gulden’s mustard or cereal. Always pop culture magazines and sometimes things I’ve ordered online. This time the very important items were low-fat crunchy peanut butter and Secret deodorant. I am sure a fellow blogger in the UK will tell me that I can procure these items here- but I have yet to see them in my little universe. John & Amy brought me a maternity winter coat I ordered in Small that I had Sande & Mary take back to the States to return, only to have Micah & Janelle bring me an Extra-small. That’s how it goes. We will give you bath towels and tube cards, but you better be pulling your weight while leaving that carbon footprint.



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4 responses to “invisible solid, please

  1. Ohhhh…that is the greatest picture. That’s what my care package would look like too. I haven’t found Secret yet either in Scotland or any of the rest of the UK I have visited. We always look!

  2. yael

    Why is it the only deodorant that works?!!

  3. snosh

    hmm. i thot you would need that new over the counter super deodorant for ppl that sweat excessively. wasn’t that your constant complaint when we were younger?

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