sande & bug in london

With Bryan’s dad and stepmom, we did have a first, actually two. We took a “flight” on the London Eye and also had a very mean cab driver.  Here is how it goes:

4 people have been walking nonstop in the cold. One is pregnant, one has an ankle filled with screws and hardware from a terrible fall years ago, one is old and cranky. One is Bryan. The first three are 20 minutes from home and can’t take another step and decide to hail a cab.

Me: Hello sir, we’re going to Nottingham Place please.

Meanest Cab Driver Ever: Mmmm.

Me: Okay, um, I guess we’ll get in.

(now we’re driving)

Me: Thank you so much sir, we know it’s close.

MCDE: This fare is on me. I’m not even going to start the meter.

Me: Oh my gosh, that is so nice of you, we’ll give you a big ti-

MCDE: I can’t make a living driving people to Nottingham Place.

Me: What, that doesn’t make sense!

MCDE: I waited in front of John Lewis for an hour and this is the fare I get. To Nottingham Place. It’s not even worth turning on the meter.

Me: Sir, I did not make you wait in front of a department store for an hour. That is not my problem. What is someone supposed to do if they have an injured food or a disability? You could have made some money off of us, and I was going to give you a nice tip. And now you get nothing because you’re so rude.

MCDE: Keep your tip.

Me: Oh yeah, I plan to.

MCDE then pulls up at a light, rolls his window down and proceeds to tell another cab driver that he waited at John Lewis for an hour and now he has to take people to Nottingham Place, and then they both laugh. This is now the funniest story going. Stop the presses.

We get dropped off at our flat and I say “thank you, I really hope your day improves.” And then everyone tells me I am being mean. When really I was being nice. I wanted his day to improve. He missed out on at least £8 for a 5 minute ride. After an hour of zero or as these people like to say, “nil”. One day I will write a post though about how amazing the rest of the cab drivers are. This guy should go to New York where it’s okay to be 100% douchebag when you’re driving people around.

Now, on to the visit.

In just four days, our family members, who have never been to Europe before, took two transatlantic flights, went on a bus tour, toured Westminster Abbey, saw Buckingham Palace, went to Borough Market, pubs, Jersey Boys in the West End, The London Eye, ate lots of good food including fish & chips at the top of the Tate Modern, peeked into St. Paul’s, braved Harrods and witnessed the meanest cab driver in all the land. We’re happy they were here.

img_5346 img_5344 img_53511 img_5352 img_53301 img_53461 img_5391 img_5395 img_5413 img_5562



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6 responses to “sande & bug in london

  1. A-MOR

    ooh – i miss those fish and chips atop the tate modern. and, i’m so happy that the london eye started working again. go ahead – tell me how great it was – i can handle it.

  2. In NYC, he woulda been a douche, turned the meter on, and then taken the scenic route. Consider yourself luck you only got 1 outta the 3.

  3. Tell them you arranged the grumpy cab driver to provide local colour.

  4. yael

    A-MOR, we got the fish & chips idea from you two. Good call. And yes, sadly the London Eye was pretty cool. But not the greatest thing I’ve ever done. Because that is obviously my 10th-grade science project on acid rain.

  5. big pipes

    just noticed the shout out for create culture. the love is much appreciated!

  6. NeNe

    I know that cab driver. He used to work for Dell.

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