a year

One year ago yesterday we moved to London from New York. I remember the bon voyage party, what our empty apartment in Brooklyn looked like when we said goodbye, I remember the car service to the airport, I remember taking off on the flight. The landing part is the blur. So many suitcases, corporate housing, confusion at the lack of baby carrots for sale and Bryan descending into the misery of the flu. And then within days- our first taste of a housecall by a doctor.

This anniversary seems easy to me. It wasn’t hard work to fall in love with London, with Europe, with living abroad. It never stopped being exciting to explore the city, welcome friends and family from the U.S. and plan the next trip. The sound of the accent now sounds like rhythmic background noise in the medulla of my brain. Unless one of us is annoyed- then we talk about how much we hate the accent.

What else can I say. Cheers.



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7 responses to “a year

  1. treeennner

    Happy Anniversary ; )

  2. erica

    it’s amazing how fast the year went! miss ya

  3. Jeremy

    Wait… you two moved to London?? You don’t live in America??

  4. Rebecca

    Happy One Year! How time flies.

  5. Wow, this past year has been amazing! like you said, so many visitors, so many trips… so many new beginninings!

  6. NeNe

    Jeremy’s comment has me laughing out loud.

  7. Beth

    Happy anniversary! It flies by, doesn’t it? I’m trying to decide whether to extend my stay or not. tough decision! And I agree, my mind has stopped saying to itself “This person is British” whenever a Brit starts talking. Now it’s just someone talking. Except for a crazy Northern accent. Those are always going to stop me in my tracks. (Penina told me about your blog btw!)

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