writer’s block

I was accused by someone yesterday of having writer’s block since I posted for two days straight about the snow in London. Despite the fact that the snowstorm in Southeast England was this country’s biggest news story since Jordan’s third breast reduction or something, you think I would be cut a little slack. But noooooooo. Some people are really demanding. It’s not enough that I post every Monday-Friday of my life. (Try it yourself- not so easy. Especially when a typical day for me includes watching old tv shows on Slingbox and standing in front of the freezer eating frozen corn from a bag.) I also have to be enjoyable to read. Well screw that.

So now in defiance of this frenemy of mine, I am going to boycott today’s intended posts, namely:

  • When My Shower Goes From Cold to Hot to Freezing to Scalding Every Two Seconds, I Think of Ingrid Betancourt and Her Years in Captivity By FARC in Colombia and Then I Remember to Hold My Complaints
  • When Crossing the Street, People In Europe Seem to Want to Smoke Their Cigarettes Directly Into My Uterus
  • I Know This is Weird But Clowns Actually Don’t Bother Me

So today I will only write on demand. Your requests will become my post.

P.S. New Yorkers, did you pick up the city’s greatest newspaper today? Now my father and I can both officially say we have been in the New York Post.



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7 responses to “writer’s block

  1. Maybe you should cover up your uterus, so people can’t blow cigarette smoke into there so easily. Just a thought.

  2. yael

    Oh Brian, I wasn’t being literal. But then you knew that since surely you understand a woman’s anatomy like nobody else. Now excuse me while I go upchuck my lunch.

  3. Adrian Adonis

    Write about what everyone really wants to know about…Me. And how I became such an Adonis.

  4. Pleban

    Having a pretty good idea of your political leanings… I think an amusing post would be a ‘response’ to your father’s opinion piece. Although I think it may be wise to decline my request in the interest of familial harmony.

    In the alternative – lets talk smells: I was just in my company’s supply closet and, for about the 10th time, realized that I love the smell in there.

    Other odd smells I love: hardware stores (not Home Depot, but Mom&Pop), gasoline.

  5. Maddo

    2009 is not proving to be a good year for us yael. Lets revist an old post.

    OUT: honest opinions and advice.
    IN: saying whatever keeps the pregnant woman happy.

  6. I’ve lived here long enough that I get the Jordan joke! (Although I did think it was about the country at first.)
    Very funny post.

  7. Obama is your father??!!

    That’s quite some secret you’re sitting on.

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