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1. Adrian Adonis

adrian-adonisMy husband has been calling himself this as long as I have known him. I thought it was a made-up name, and because I assume people only call themselves by pseudonyms representing high levels of attractiveness when they want to cover up some latent insecurity about being bad-looking, I was always confounded. Because my man is h-o-t. It turns out though that Adrian Adonis was the stage name of a WWF wrestler from the 80s who for some time partnered with Jesse Ventura (true fact) and ultimately died in a car crash where the driver swerved to miss a MOOSE. So, um, honey can you stop calling yourself that?

2. Pro-wrestling Managers: Miss Elizabeth and Slick

wwf-magMan, this is hard. Okay, here goes. Luckily Miss Elizabeth has her own website. And it’s important that you really dedicate some time to it because there are a number of gems. In no particular order: Elizabeth was a trailblazer and a pioneer. She married her second husband at the Cuban Hebrew Temple in Miami. I know a Cuban Hebrew couple and I feel bad they missed the boat on this place. Elizabeth’s favorite game was chess, so stop all your judgmentalness. Since when did Hulk Hogan ever change his name to Hollywood Hogan? Uh, that’s about it.

Slick. The first African-American manager in WWF history. Why did Obama not discuss this on MLK Day? Best line on Wikipedia: “In November 1991, Slick went on an extended leave of absence after being powerslammed by Davey Boy Smith.”

3. My Response to My Father’s NY Post Op-Ed Piece and also, Smells

Oh you may think you know my political leanings but I often agree with my dad- government waste is a bipartisan issue, no? However, I am in hiding today since my father took a shot at Continental Europe. I am worried someone French in this office is going to come and pour white-out in my eyes and make me taste test croissants. Which reminds me…

I also like the smell of new plastic and gasoline. And McDonald’s fries, Molton Brown products and toxic cleaning chemicals. And coconut.

4. More Wrestling

I grew up sandwiched between two brothers and therefore it is the truth when I tell you we had these growing up, and I played with them too. I was just happy my brothers were playing with dolls and I wasn’t going to quibble.

5. My Favorite Things

Like Oprah, I really should only reveal my favorite things bi-annually. Wait, does biannual mean twice a year or every two years? Also, I have never been accused in my life of having good taste. Nonetheless, if you ask, I blog. So here are my favorite things today:

Purse Brite Organizer

purse_brite_organizer_pocketsI get made fun of a lot for this but guess what, when I can transfer my things from one bag to another in 5 seconds flat and search for my keys in the dark, I am the smart one.

Bella Band

bella-band_models02My friend Kate sent me this and it is sort of a godsend. So that means she is god. And I think it would come in handy even if you weren’t prego. Like if you just wanted to eat a lot at dinner or something.


inside_products_kaleWell, that’s not entirely true. Kale will probably never be one of my favorite things. But apparently it is very good for you and guess what is a surprisingly delicious and easy recipe? Kale sauteed in a little olive oil and then tossed with cooked whole wheat penne pasta, toasted pine nuts and crumbled feta. If it turns out this is not healthy, please don’t tell me.



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10 responses to “live blogging your comments

  1. Ed

    If I’m remembering correctly, and I’m pretty sure I am, he was actually called Adorable Adrian Adonis. I think you should continue posting about pro wrestling legends. Or maybe move on to wrestling “managers” like Miss Elizabeth and Slick

  2. Jeremy

    Am I the only one who caught a recent Larry King Live during which Chris Jericho (via telephone call-in) challenged Mickey Rourke to a wrestling match? It was bizarre. Mickey Rourke declined.

  3. Pleban

    What is wrong with taste-testing croissants?

  4. Adrian Adonis

    Wifey, your post has only furthered entrenched my use of said alias. I hope our unborn child enjoys “Adonis” as a last name…

  5. big pipes

    more wrestling posts please! junkyard dog, bam bam biggelo, british bulldogs, the killer bees……the posting potential is endless. have you thought about calling bryan jimmy superfly snuka or the ultimate warrior?

  6. poren

    Can I live-request another list of fun things Yael thinks we should all buy??? I know, the recession, but we can still look… Yael has fabulous taste;)

  7. poren

    Thanks Yael. Now I actually want the Bella Band. Not sure I could pull that one off…I think I will stick the old- I hope no one notices I have just unbuttoned my pants.

    Have fun with your visitors! Your hosting skills far superior to anything I could ever attempt even if God fails to respond to your weather requests.

  8. Virg

    I used a band…awesome for all the shirts that inevitably become too short as the belly gets bigger…I agree…they are quite useful…and also good for immediately postpartum!

  9. julsgentile

    Oh Yael- I knew I liked you for a good reason- aside from your taste in destination weddings. I too revel in the fresh scent of plastic! A new beach ball, cheap flip flops, Hoys 5 & 10. All splendor. Sniff in moderation!

  10. sonjey

    Who was it??? George, the Animal Steele with the green tongue?????

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