what can i say, snow is the big news


There is no denying cnn.com/world or google news people, the snow in England is its biggest story. Most in two decades. What I meant to do was walk around the city and take captivating photos of St. Paul’s covered in a foot of snow, Hyde Park glistening, the iconic red phone booths in a drift… But what actually happened is that although the entire London infrastructure shut down and everyone stayed home, Bryan and I went to work. BECAUSE WE’RE AMERICAN. And that’s just the kind of work ethic we have. Or something like that. Plus, the camera battery died during the day. So sort of like the recycling of my Obama newspapers, a little bit of history slipped out of my fingers.

Here’s just a couple shots of the walk to work, and then a snow day dinner party. It’s so convenient to have friends across the street.

img_5279 img_5281 img_5287 img_5289 img_5291 img_5298



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7 responses to “what can i say, snow is the big news

  1. Hi there. Thanks for the kind comments about my blog. Love yours too. I’m going to link back to your blog if you dont mind. Cheers.

  2. treeennner

    haha! looks like a blast. imagine if every time there was a snow storm in chi-town how many people would be drunk 80% of the winter.

  3. Looks like “Snow Dinners” in London are the same as “Hurrican Parties” in Miami – namely lots o’ booze. Seriously though – anytime there’s a hurricane even remotely mentioned on the news and there’s a chance that everything shuts down, there’s a run on beer.

  4. Maddo

    people are drunk 80% of the winter in Chicago.

  5. sonjey

    I definately cook more during snow…. unless there’s delivery, you’re kind of forced to!

  6. Virg

    I heard on the radio today that the two biggest selling items in London currently are cat litter and whiskey…vice the toilet paper and milk rush you get in the US.

  7. yael

    Well that was Bryan buying up all the whiskey. The cat litter is to put on the ice. I am disturbed there was no run on TP though. Euros!

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