uk wakes to heaviest snows in decades

That’s just one headline. There’s also “The Big Chill begins” and “-5° C and we’re all going snowhere”. Those silly newspapers.

It is truly amazing here- not only how much it is snowing- but that this just doesn’t happen in London. We feel lucky to be a part of it. Transportation and airports are effectively shut down. We’re going to try and arrange a snowman on our balcony. Hopefully pictures to follow tomorrow.

img_5269 img_5271 img_5272

We made a brave attempt to watch the Superbowl last night, which started at 11:30pm GMT. But we just couldn’t make it even close to the last exciting 30 seconds. Bummer and bummer. It wasn’t the same watching it via laptop in bed. And guacamole dip just didn’t seem right at midnight. There were thousands of brave Americans though that were cooler than us.




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3 responses to “uk wakes to heaviest snows in decades

  1. A-MOR

    We were thinking of jetting over to see London covered in a blanket of snow. One caveat – we’re only coming if the London Eye is working.

  2. yael

    A-MOR, this will actually shock you: The London Eye is closed due to “adverse weather conditions”.

  3. Enjoy it. London doesn’t often get that beautiful.

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