london socialites

Usually. USUALLY we’re socialites. We’re very in-the-know people. You can USUALLY either find us scoping out the high-priced escorts at The Sanderson Hotel or in the DJ booth at Sketch.

I don’t know why we departed from all the clubbing and champagne tasting we’ve been doing lately, but we decided to mix it up and spend our time


(Or pram, buggy, pushchair…) Somebody come and kill me. Jk. Not really. Don’t really kill me. Just maybe punch me a little.

Also, Bryan did this:


Also, we saw lots of Oscar-nominated movies. Thank you for finally coming to London.

img_5231Also, we went for Indian with friends and shared the biggest naan I have ever seen in my life. I know you might think this is too boring a fact to even blog about, but nothing is too boring for this blog. Or the miserable Monday at work you and I both know you’re about to have.



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9 responses to “london socialites

  1. That naan is awesome! That is so not boring. You must share with us where you got it so we can all try that when we get to London.

  2. We saw Benjamim Buttons the other day, and I managed to sleep through basically all of it. Saw a trailer, after we had seen it, and I didn’t recognize but 1 or 2 scenes. Go me!!

    Also, I can’t for the life of me figure out what game B is playing. Not that I looked at the picture to try and figure it out – no way….

  3. yael

    Ok, restaurant was Sartaj. Big naan time!

    I think Bryan is playing Call of Duty 83 or whatever version they’re on.

  4. mira

    ALL OF THE GIRLS ON THE BACHELOR ARE FREAKS!!! Jason should run – FAST – to the farthest corners of the earth. Not only am I questioning the freakiness of all of the girls who are still on the show, I am beginning to question Jason for his choices for who he has kept around!!

  5. Adrian Adonis

    That would be Gears of War 2 Kasp’. Get it, and get on-line so we can dominate nerds across the globe.

  6. I *thought* it looked like GoW2. I just sold my copy after beating the single player and picked up Fallout 3, and need to get crackin’ on that one. GoW2 is great fun though!

    Although I’m still on COD4 online all the time – bulletmagnet19. Woo.

    Yeah – talking about videogames on the interweb – I’m just super cool.

  7. Um, is bryan wearing a headset to play video games? wow. i mean, i don’t even know what to say to that.

    We miss you both and our fun times at Sanderson and Sketch!!!

  8. Adrian Adonis

    Yes, I’m wearing a headset. Jealous?

    Kasp – I’m bcapbk. Let’s nerd it out this weekend with some COD4.

  9. Marcus Fenix

    Thats clearly Gears of War 2 single-player campaign. Bry is saving the humans of Sera from the locust hordes. And right there he is on the level where Dom “saves” Maria. And since he is nerding out with headset its gotta be Co-op campaign, otherwise he just enjoys wearing a headset when hanging out.

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