january 23

God help me because this f***ing date is seared into my brain for life. I even know that if you’re born on this date, you’re an Aquarius.

I know all of this because it’s my ex-boyfriend’s birthday.

You would think I had something more interesting to blog about like, oh I don’t know:

  • The hilarious adventures of an American expat in London
  • Why did our neighbours move and not tell us? Was the one time we got together for wine SO bad?
  • If you say “cheers” to me before hanging up the phone at work, I will get flustered
  • My 20-week v. important ultrasound this morning

But no, instead this date represents my GD ex. Funny story… involving my college boyfriend who I dated for 4 years, my college roommate who I lived with for 4 years, and um, now they’re married with a kid. Somewhere. I keep googling them.

Below my law firm is a very nice, always written-up wine restaurant. And it’s always filled with Partners and other Masters of the Universe who work in The City. I walk by it every day. Twice. Yesterday I did a double-take.


I don’t know if I was more shocked that they were dissing American cheese (cheap shot, buddy) or quoting Nick Cannon. I am not sure a single Briton knows who Nick Cannon is. Especially the people drinking and eating at Vivat Bacchus.



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8 responses to “january 23

  1. Pleban

    My only two ‘real’ ex’s have b-days of Dec26th and Dec 31st.
    So, from the time I was 18 to until I was about 23, the holiday season was a series of me hearing the following phrases being cried/shouted: “This isn’t a birthday party!! This is just extended xmas/early NYE!!”

    So, yea, those dates are seared into my brain. I feel your pain yo.

    My current love? July 8th. Perfect.

  2. Marlene

    Ooh, I feel your pain too! I think we all have this problem. Maybe you can start thinking of it as my half birthday instead. But, on a lighter note…I hope your ultrasound went well and that all the parts you wanted to stay secret are still secret to you. Personally, I could never tell what I was looking at. It all just looked like a big blob.

  3. Elizabeth

    I wonder if they occasionally google you and just read that?

  4. Sonjey

    Did you see the turtle or nothing at all by the limbs????

  5. mdouris25

    I have THREE ex bf’s with the same birthday of 4/3. Three. The other two ex bf’s were 5/8. You’d think I would have learned at some point just to ask the birthday and move on. Then again 2 of those exes were gay and 2 were pastor kids, so maybe I had bigger issues than their shared birthdates. 🙂

  6. yael

    Wait mdouris25, you have a lot of exes.

  7. mdouris25

    Yup. I have 5 ex’s. 2 from college and 3 from my 20’s. Almost all of them equally dysfunctional. I blame their shared birthdays for their dysfunction – not the other common denominator, which would be me.

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