yes, it is a new dawn for america

I love using hackneyed expressions! Basically people, I am ready to move on. Obama is yesterday’s news. You all know how “fresh” I am and all. But first let me assure the internets that Bryan and I are devout Obama fans, feel privileged to have witnessed this in our lifetime and are excited for the inevitable ways the world will change. And let me also say it feels suh-weeeet to be an American abroad right about now.

But seriously, moving on.

Sundance. Why aren’t more people talking about Sundance? Hulk Hogan’s ex-wife is there for godssake. I have tried to follow Sundance goings-ons without falling asleep but was unsuccessful until now. Until Daniel alerted me to an important piece of news. Let me back up…

In New York City and London it is part of the code of conduct that if you actually live in the city, you do not approach celebrities. Not to have your picture taken with them or to chat them up, nothing. In fact, you are supposed to act like you don’t care. Similar to my cool and collected blase demeanor when I was staring at Gwynnie, Chris and Madonna. I acted more interested in my mother-in-law’s pasta. Which, if you must know, was kind of ridiculously delicious. But enough about me.

Outside these centers of the universe, it is a little more okay to prostrate yourself before a “famous” person. I had been hearing for some time that Daniel’s wife, Tina, was obsessed with Jim from The Office. I also knew he would be a prime target of her eagle-eye as they roamed that depressed former steel-mining backwater known as Park City, Utah on the hunt. Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle! The girl done did it. Tina, you just rule. As does the pap that snapped the shot.

Tina and Jim from The Office



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3 responses to “yes, it is a new dawn for america

  1. Danglers

    I don’t think it’s fair to say we “prostrated” ourselves in front of celebrities. Maybe a little bit of fawning, but definitely no prostration. And really, it’s our town, they’re the ones invading our turf, not the other way around.

    By the way, that’s Emily Blunt on the right side of the picture staring straight ahead. She did not seem like she was having that great a time.

  2. One of the best things about living in the US is to think that I’m on the same continent as Jim from The Office. Almost makes up for the lack of decent tea served with milk. Almost, but not quite.

  3. big pipes

    Danglers, why you stalk?

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