my hopes for this presidency

  1. The world stops hating on Amurrica so much
  2. I never have to see footage of Sasha and Malia going to school ever again. And their clothes and backpacks are sorta un-cute. Sorry.
  3. We see BHO a couple more times without his shirt on
  4. Peace in Israel and Palestine. Oh I said Palestine like it was a nation-state. SUE ME
  5. Universal-ish healthcare
  6. Bill is quiet and hidden
  7. Thriving property markets and employment
  8. Patriotism
  9. Equal rights for same-sex couples
  10. Less arugula, more action

What are yours?

On a related note, I do feel for the people of my homeland inside the Beltway who are being overrun by the millions attending this historic event, or trying to make money off it. As far as I know, all my loved ones have locked themselves inside their homes. Did you guys buy toilet paper and milk? Wait, I actually don’t feel bad. You all got a day off work!

I too would not have minded if Obama’s PR machine hadn’t thought to tone things down a bit. Say it ain’t so.

And in this part of the world: The pound sterling fell to a 7-year low today against the dollar. Banks are being nationalised left and right and Britain may be heading into its worst recession since 1946. But still people will celebrate today. As London’s mayor Boris Johnson said, “As a lover of America, a believer in America, I wanted a president who would rekindle the global love affair with America.” Love on.



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3 responses to “my hopes for this presidency

  1. Adrian Adonis

    1. More Mickey Rourke Films
    2. More Cowbell
    3. More Scotch
    4. More Celebrity Sightings in our neighborhood
    5. More Yael offspring

    Obama, I believe in you. You shall heal all. Bring me these gifts.

  2. Josh

    “I too would not have minded if Obama’s PR machine hadn’t thought to tone things down a bit.”

    double-negative = you want more Obama mania!

  3. yael

    I don’t not hate double negatives.

    I am secretly watching the live feed on BBC at work. Taxpayer money WELL SPENT!!!

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