big pipes and A-MOR take london


You gotta buy a hat in Londontown.

We miss John and Amy already. Almost-constant companions in Brooklyn, and then they were back in our lives for a sweet 4 days.

While we worked they had adventures at the Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery, St Pauls, Westminster Abbey, Hyde Park and for some reason they took a tour bus three days in a row. Weirdos.

But together, it was on. That story in pictures…

Notting Hill, Korean bbq, and the 100 club for some blues

img_5095 img_5098 img_5103 img_5109 img_5116 img_5138

Borough Market: lamb burgers, chorizo sandwiches and one deprived vegetarian

img_5139 img_5140 img_5146 img_5141 img_5142

Thames walk and an unfulfilled dream- London Eye “broken” for two days

img_5148 img_5153 img_5154 img_5156

Who doesn’t love phone booth photos

img_5157 img_5160

Being stuck on the top of a double-decker bus caught in the crosshairs of an anti-Israel protest turned violent. The baby inside me told me to run like hell. The world-renowned blog photographer in me told me to stay.

img_5172 img_51791 img_5181 img_5187

Piccadilly Circus, Wagamama and The Queens pub

img_5189 img_5196 img_5209 img_5211

Spitalfields / Brick Lane

img_5212 img_5215

High tea at The Wolseley

img_5220 img_5225

Also Bryan and John played a lot of Madden on xbox

picture-001 picture-002



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9 responses to “big pipes and A-MOR take london

  1. Jeremy

    Yael – I noticed your “sleeveface” impression in one of the pictures – nicely done.

  2. Rebecca

    fun. And I’m pleased to see you drinking what looks like bubbly water or a Sprite when everyone else is drinking a beer. Good girl.

  3. Big Pipes

    We had a great time Yael. Thanks to you and Bryan for the hospitality. Glad to see everyone was healthy and happy.

  4. treeennner

    so jealous. wish we were there too! you guys are the best host/tour guys in london!

  5. Maddo

    big pipes – that hat better not be making any brunch appearances in manhattan.

  6. A-MOR

    To the host and hostess with the most-ess, we miss you already. We only took a tour bus for three consecutive days because you’re both so diligent and someone has to work in London. You rock as tour guides and hosts. If B&Y owned a tour bus company, we’d be on it (for three consecutive days).

  7. Wagamamas!! I love that place – although I hear they’re sprouting up all over the city. Jenny used to go there all the time when she lived in London-town.
    I make their chili beef ramen, and if I do say so myself, it’s pretty damn tasty when I make it.

  8. yael

    I did do a little Sleeveface, didn’t I?

    Rebecca, I am getting so tired of ginger ale. It makes me cry.

    Maddo, don’t be a hata.

    Wagamamas is mmm mmm good. When I am in Miami, I expect some of that ramen -kas.

    Everyone else, come visit. You too can ride a tour bus and play xbox.

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