pregnant mafia wife

Not me. I wish.


By day Trina is a midwestern artist with the mouth of a sailor. By night the baby inside her turns her into her alter ego – the sassy Sicilian housewife with tricked-out housekeeping skeelz and some major ‘tude. You want to click on this link.

Mafia Wife Part I

If you want Trina to start a blog or book as much as I do, say so.



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7 responses to “pregnant mafia wife

  1. poren

    wow. Trina, without exaggeration that is the best thing I have ever seen (prob bc I never saw your calendar). Also, I totally remembered after new years that I owe you a huge thank you for enriching one hour of my week by turning me on to the new 90210-that was so you right?? If this is not blog material of the highest quality, I do not know what is. Awesome:)

  2. mdouris25

    While I admire Trina, I happen to think your toilet bowl cleaning shot puts hers to shame!

  3. Bryan Capliano

    Hey Trinuh – How’s by you? Tell dat stooopid husband of yours that he’s got no coo-yans, if you know whadda I mean! Ooowwhhh!

  4. That’s awesome.

    I’m sure you’ve seen it, but my favorite outer-borough/NJ stereotype is True Life – I’m a Summer Rental. Should be mandatory watching for, well, everyone.

  5. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Trina rocks, she deserves to be talked about with other peoples hands. Lots of laughs!!!!!!
    Ps it took alot of work to put in all of those hahas so please appriciate my work by responding to my comment!!!!

  6. yael

    Anything for you 2nd cuz. I have a proposition. You and I fly to Chicago and convince Trina to do another photo shoot, titled: Pregnant Midwestern Wife. I’ll make the marshmallow jello mold and you can put the pink curlers in her hair. Now we just need to find an American flag tee…

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