but where are the long, brightly-painted nails?

I love Long Island/New Jersey/outerborough stereotypes – I can’t help it. Must be an homage to my husband’s past, where the only thing more meaningful in life than a Coach bag is a Coach bag with a Louis Vuitton wallet tucked inside. REAL thank you very much. On sale at the mawl. For you blog readers, one day I will post Bryan’s bar mitzvah video from 1989. You might need to wear shades to protect your eyes from the bling and frosted hair. And Bryan’s gelled-out David Lee Roth mullet.

In the meantime, I was reminded this morning that there is nothing funnier than the exchange between a New York stereotype and a Brit. Even if you have already, watch this. What else would you be doing- working?

John and Amy (or better known in blog-commenting celebrity circles as big pipes and A-MOR) arrived this morning for a long weekend visit. Right on cue the weather turned cold and overcast. I think this calls for a pint. Don’t tell baby.


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