cool [blank] doritos

In America, my favorite Doritos are known as Cool Ranch. They could NOT be more delicious.

cool ranch doritos

In England, presumably because Ranch is not a popular flavor for things, including salad dressing (much to my deep and abiding distress), my favorite Doritos are called Cool Original. I mean, they’re so not the original, but I won’t quibble because they still taste mmm mmm good.

cool original doritos

But this is why Iceland totally rocks. Because beyond the fact that they have more delicious American food offerings than the UK (I ate two Red Delicious apples while there and I think I cried a little bit for happiness both times), my favorite Doritos are called… not Cool Ranch, not Cool Original, but

cool american doritos


I realize/realise I have been a terrible blog commenter lately (ie always). But I have reviewed the recent comments as well as secret emails directly to my email, and I promise now to:

(a) Blog about poop more often. So popular!

(b) Maybe share some recipes. But only if you share them too. Pretty please? And if the recipes you share do not contain seafood, mushrooms, eggplant, olives or blue cheese- I will love you even more.

(c) Put “Girl in a Cafe” on my Lovefilm queue. And I said that so I could type the word queue.



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2 responses to “cool [blank] doritos

  1. treeennner

    i will share receipts with you!!! i got a killar Mac&Chesse one for ya ; )

  2. Try queueing – that’s even better.

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