We were excited to go to Iceland, but I didn’t know how much fun could be had in three days of cold. Turns out: a lot. We really were in Reykjavik and its surroundings, about a 1 hour radius of the city. Not sure one can measure radiuseseses in time but um, yeah. First, some facts I find to be fun about this magical country.

  1. Iceland has a population of 320,000. Over 60% live in the Reykjavik area. More people visit the Blue Lagoon in Iceland every year than the entire population of the country.
  2. From a continental plate perspective, Iceland is partially North America and partially Eurasian. In fact, the plates are moving away from one another- which causes an actual rift in the land that gets deeper every year. This is the opposite of places like Indonesia and California where plates are colliding onto each other. Oh, plates.
  3. In the summer, there are days where the sun never really sets. It might dip behind the horizon and then immediately come back up.
  4. In the winter, especially around Christmas, there are 4 hours of daylight a day. The sun, when it comes up briefly, stays close to the horizon.
  5. You can see the Northern Lights from Iceland.
  6. If you left the southwest corner of the country and sailed directly due south, you would not hit land until Antarctica. It is the one corridor of the Atlantic Ocean that misses either Africa or the Americas.
  7. No family last names/surnames in Iceland. A child has a first name and then its “last name” is [father’s first name + word for son or daughter]. Wives don’t change their names when they marry. So if I may translate into English… if my family was Icelandic we would have been Ron Fredsson, Renee Bensdaughter, Josh Ronsson, Yael Ronsdaughter and Micah Ronsson. Which means in a family with one son and one daughter, every member of the family has a different last name. Honestly, it’s worth a read.
  8. Much of the topography of Iceland looks like you’re on the moon. So much so that NASA trained here.

Are you as riveted as you should be? We had a wonderful long weekend break. We explored Reykjavik’s great shopping,  restaurants, harbor and museums, drove to a national park, saw a geyser, a crater, waterfalls, lots of snow, didn’t see the Northern Lights, and got massages while floating in the world-famous Blue Lagoon heated by a geothermal energy plant.

Traveling to a place in its off-season is quickly turning into a very fantastic concept to me. We had so many places to ourselves. If you can stand the cold and the dark, go to Reykjavik before it becomes cost-prohibitive once again. Also a bonus if you like beautiful blondes.

Lots of white people live in Iceland


View from harbor and lobster soup

img_4942 img_4948 img_4950

Reykjavik + Bryan eating PUFFIN

img_4956 img_4963 img_4985 img_4988

NOT seeing the Northern Lights, but driving around on a tour bus for 4 hours anyway

img_5136 img_4992

Time of day

10amimg_5144 1pmimg_5309 3pmimg_4975

Driving into the abyss

img_5152 img_5228 img_5246 img_5308

Pingvellir National Park = site of Iceland’s first parliament and independence from Denmark, and also apparently a fashion shoot

img_5179 img_5186 img_5188 img_5016 img_5223 img_5004

“Geysir” of which all geysers are named

img_5034 img_5260

Kerid crater where Bjork once played a concert

img_5279 img_5281

Our friends en route from London to Boston ever so nicely joined us for dinner. We forgot to take pictures of them but did capture the dessert that involved dry ice


Blue Lagoon

img_5315 img_5079 img_5085 img_5087

gratuitous belly shots

img_5288 img_5294



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6 responses to “iceland

  1. I really enjoyed that – I’ve always had a bit of a yen to visit Iceland, and you’ve just increased it.

    Have you seen the movie “Girl in a Cafe”? You get some nice shots of Iceland in that.

  2. treeennner

    what a blast! thanks for informing us on iceland … i really don’t want to go there right now …we have our own iceland in chi-town.

    you look gorgeous …as always ; )

  3. Ney Ney

    A fantastic account all around. And I totally love the name thing. Except for the people in the soaps. Their babies would all be FirstName Who KnowsSon.

  4. the pics were fantastic…. That blue lagoon looks like my cup of tea! That will have to do….. My bucket list is filling up!

  5. tosha

    thanks for the postcard. it made me smile 🙂

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