as cold as the u.s. but fewer hours of daylight? sign me up!

Every now and then I like to profoundly PROFOUNDLY disappoint you. Today is one of those days. Because I am going to talk about the weather.

3It is effing freezing in this country. I say this with distaste because that is not what you bargain for when you move to London. Let New Yorkers wear their weird sleeping bag coats and my older brother miss 5 consecutive days of work for blizzards in Seattle (check out his snowman! I love how the carrot is, um, coming out of the mouth) but not us expats who demand the “temperate marine climate” we were promised. Not that I am proud to be a demanding foreigner that may inadvertently be propelling native Brits out of the city. But I think all you urban dwellers can commiserate. This is not a scenario of going from house to car to work to car to house. This is the kind of bone chilling cold where you walk a mile with your groceries and briefcase and dry cleaning and remark to yourself that you really need to start wearing long underwear under your pantyhose.

I didn’t appreciate this one newspaper headline: London colder than Antarctica. Much more fun are articles about Brits calling in sick when it’s cold. Because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: 25 days of holiday is just not enough.



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6 responses to “as cold as the u.s. but fewer hours of daylight? sign me up!

  1. Pleban

    Is that a stocking cap or a clay pot?

    Also, I live in Buffalo – so no sympathy.

  2. yael

    Friend, you have a car. Our cold-weather lives could not be more different.

  3. Josh

    That would be a flower pot on his head. We had 5 different snowstorms this year in Seattle. The last one snowed only 2-3 inches but it was really wet and heavy snow and about half of our 15 foot lavender tree collapsed under the weight, I’m hoping it survives…

  4. It’s currently 83 here…. (although that’s about 25 too high for this time of year)

    But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – our summers are simply unbearable.

  5. jenny

    before I realized it was my dear husband I wondered who wrote the smart remark that it was 83 degrees… I totally sympathize with the bone chilling cold after I spent a winter in Edinburgh and the days felt like they started at 11 and night started at 3pm! It’s depressing but come spring you will be the most appreciative! Hang in there

  6. I remember being back in the UK at Christmas time one year and being surprised how cold it was. I thought after New England winters I’d find it positively balmy. Not so, when you have to stand on a railway station platform with no shelter from the wind waiting what feels like forever for your train!

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