auld lang syne y’all!!

I had notions of obscene cleverness today, even penning several drafts of my Best and Worst / In and Out lists for 2008 and 2009. But honestly, they sucked. (Well, I was pretty pleased with myself for decreeing “drinking alone” would be IN for 2009…).

So I am thinking…all you selfish little b**tards who think you’re getting out of work early today- maybe we can all work on this list together. I will get us started, kay? But it means you have to contribute. Don’t make me beg.

Best of 2008

  • America elected Barack Obama to be the next President of the free world
  • Bryan found his brown pants

Worst of 2008

  • Heath Ledger died long before his time
  • I had to clean our bathroom in a semi-formal dress

IN for 2009

  • The Jolie-Pitts become the next Duggars!
  • Everyone moves to London


  • Whole wheat pasta (fingers crossed)
  • Someone please say Uggs, please please, finally, please


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13 responses to “auld lang syne y’all!!

  1. Rebecca

    Low gas prices

    Spaghetti and meatballs made with ground turkey

  2. IN
    Universal health care
    Cheap plane tickets

    High deductible HSAs

    (Rebecca – you clearly haven’t had turkey meatballs made to my husband’s secret recipe – they are AWESOME – we even had a babysitter say after eating them that she’d come back for free if we would just feed her!)

  3. Maddo

    IN: full disclosure

    OUT: non disclosure

  4. Excuse me. Obama is the next President of the
    United States of America. You may think I’m splitting hairs, but for millions of Europeans, Canadians, Australians, etc etc, the distinction is important.

    It’s like people saying “England” when they mean “the UK”. That doesn’t matter to the English, but it does to the Scottish.

  5. yael

    Iota, I am not sure if you’re taking issue with me saying “America” or “free world”… Either way, permit me to correct:

    -52.9% of voting Americans elected Barack Obama to be the next President of the country straddled between Canada and Mexico except that big part sticking Northwest off of Canada near Russia and those other parts floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

  6. snosh

    still IN:
    golden girls on dvd

    still OUT:
    prime time television

  7. That’s better. It was the “free world” bit that bothered me. I must have been in a bad mood, though. I’m not usually that picky. At least I hope not…

    You’re in London on New Year’s Eve – I envy you.

    Happy New Year.

  8. In: Beards
    Success for My Favorite New York Sports Teams
    Cleaning the Bathroom

    Out: Goatees
    Warm English Ale
    My Favorite New York Sports Teams Choking
    Watching Yael Clean the Bathroom

    Okay, maybe that’s just my personal list. Deal with it.

  9. mira

    Best of:
    Sarah Palin not getting elected VP of the United States
    Tina Fey’s impressions of Sarah Palin

    Worst of:
    Sarah Palin breaking in to the national political scene
    Second for Heath Ledger going before his time
    Proposition 8 passing in California

    reusable bags


  10. Hey Yael
    here is my in and out
    IN twilight, the best book saga ever

    OUT harry potter, the finished story of a young wizard, BORING

    Love Kaya
    Ps saga is soooooooo much cooler than saying ”series”
    P.s.s. Did lauren tell you she got engaged?!!!

  11. yael

    2nd cuz, Kaya- I think you may be on to something with Twilight as I can’t pick up a magazine these days without a photo of whatshisface.

    I did hear about Lauren- GREAT news!!!

  12. His name is Edward! I can’t believe it he cut his beautiful hair off!!!!!! I’m very sad:(

    Btw Ive been chatting with you from my itouch!!!!!!!!
    Love kaya

  13. Ney Ney

    Best: Zygie
    Josh and Kaci’s engagement
    Worst: too many national and international events to list here

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