okay, now back to christmas…

eos450dfront-001We had a lovely quiet and sweet Christmas Eve- as only two Jews deserve. I cooked a lot- which I love, and took pictures of food- which I love even more. Bryan gave me the greatest gift the next morning: a souped-up camera to now turn my hobby into full-blown below-average-talented obsession. Christmas night we went to dinner with Ian, and wore paper crowns like good English folk. Bryan’s mom came here on Boxing Day and besides hanging out with my boyfriend Chris Martin, we ice skated, shopped, walked, went to the theatre and ate. And shopped.

img_4779 img_4769 img_4785 love_actually_340 img_4905 img_4946 img_4807 img_4811 img_4813 img_4817 img_4818 img_4855 img_4859 img_4869 img_4847 img_4879

A bittersweet holiday season as my dad and stepmom’s beloved Shadow was put to sleep yesterday morning. Wise men write better than I about the magic of dogs. But then, you know exactly what they would say:




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3 responses to “okay, now back to christmas…

  1. listgirl

    Josh and I bought each other the same camera for Crhritmas/Hanukkah. Fun, fun!

  2. listgirl

    It’s good that I can spell Hanukkah correctly (I think), but not Christmas….

  3. Mira

    So fun a time. Take lots of good pics for your fans please!

    So sad about Shadow but I’m sure Ron and Michele gave him a happy happy life. And sorry to ask but did you name him after the beloved Dodge???

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