may your days be merry and bright



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27 responses to “may your days be merry and bright

  1. joe

    aw. we so miss you guys. happy holidays!

  2. Sean & Becky

    It’s official, you’re both much cooler than us. Happy holidays, we miss you, come back soon.

  3. Marj Signer

    What an experience – I laughed and got teary. I love the song about “someday there will be peace.” Thanks for a wonderful present, and keep having fun and making memories.

  4. big pipes

    good stuff. strange, but in a holiday season kind of way.

  5. mira

    love it!! happy holidays to you.

    ps. bryan makes scary faces.

  6. listgirl

    My favorite card yet. Enjoy the holidays in London!

  7. Kreps

    This is great. Miss you guys. Happy Holidays!

  8. That was fantastic. Have a fantastic and happy Hanukkah, Christmas, and any other day of the week. Both Jenny and I miss you guys.

  9. Bryan

    Big Pipes – I’ve used the phrase to describe your basketball skills.

    Happy Kwanza Buddy!

  10. Virg

    I love it! I especially love that Yael is doing the same crazy dance everywhere she goes and that Bryan has the same plastered crazy smile on his face everywhere he goes….and that you ended with your boy Chris Martin! Merry Christmukah guys. Miss you!

  11. yael

    Never veer from your signature dance- and you too can be the next Matt:


  12. Jen

    You guys are the best. Yael I missed your Potato Latkes this year…Jordan actually forwarded me your recipes. I don’t think the deck has recovered from last year. Happy holidays.

  13. Andrew

    Great video…your dancing was the highlight (curious as to the internal soundtrack) followed closely by Bryan’s incredulous looks.

    HAPPY Christmas!

  14. Kit Ballew

    you guys look like you are having too much fun!
    keep on dancin!
    Kit(Mere’s Mom)

  15. MSG

    Holidays ain’t the same without yous! Thanks for the taste of BrYael-in-London.

  16. Fern

    Jack forwarded your video to me, and I truly enjoyed it. You look as though you’ve adjusted very well to life in London and are having a great time. I wish you a very Happy Chanukah, a very Merry Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!

  17. Thats so funny, cant believe you did that in front of all those people! Happy holidays and hope to see you soon!!

  18. Liz Russell

    Outstanding, what fun! Merry Everything to both of you. Liz, Gary and kids PS: Vanja is here with Robert. It’s great.

  19. Lindsay

    That was hysterical!! I love it, love it, love it!!! We’ll miss you this Xmas.

  20. Linda

    That was the best holiday card ever! It was so Yael. And Bryan, you’ll have to fatten up a bit to play Santa…but you’re much cuter. We miss you, too. Happy Christmachanukwanzaka!

    Lin & Shelly

  21. sonjey

    Laughing and crying…what else is new?… see you in almost two days…can’t wait

  22. Susie Wright

    Happy Holidays to you all. Enjoy time with Sonjay… May all your days be merry and bright for 2009… Lots of Love,

  23. tosha

    very cute. i envy your shamelessness. happy holidays 🙂

  24. Dirty

    Happy New Year Yael and Bryan! The video was a great idea and much better then any card that can be opened in the mail! Glad to see that you guys are doing well.

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