clay pigeon shooting et cetera

For Andy’s leaving-do, his girlfriend organized a clay pigeon shoot in the country- attended by 3 Australians, 3 Americans, 2 Irishmen, 1 Englishwoman and Nick the Greek. This was followed by a walk in the country. And then a delicious lunch in the country. The weather was perfect, and it turns out I am not a terrible shot.

img_4587 img_4604 img_4607 img_4645 img_4653 img_4660 img_4666 img_4671

Then we had Caroline & Mike’s Xmas party. Bryan and I did not get the memo on the prom-poses for the group photo, but it was still a very good time. Especially because Mike did my favorite party trick: getting their dog to hump on command.

n600362145_1893007_1549 img_4678

Sunday we had another leaving-do and then dorked out at the local cinema’s sold-out showing of It’s A Wonderful Life. We keep pretending it was the other person’s idea.

Happy beginning of Hanukkah everyone!

img_4681a img_4680

Tosha, here is your very meager reward:




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4 responses to “clay pigeon shooting et cetera

  1. That looks really fun!! I’ve been clay shooting before, and couldn’t hit squat. Then I went pheasant hunting and couldn’t hit squat either. I think if I yelled threatingly at the pheasants I would have had a better chance of downing one than with a shotgun.
    Now stationary paper targets – that’s where I’m a good shot. So if you ever get attacked by stationary paper targets, you know who to call!!

  2. mira

    happy hanukah darlins!

  3. Caroline

    The picture of Kealy humping Mike’s leg had me in stitches. I need to get that up on You Tube.

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