and then there were none

I guess when you move somewhere as an expat, and all your friends are expats, you have to anticipate people leaving. But combine that with volatile economic and employment conditions of the very companies that hire Americans abroad, and well

no one warned me that December would be so stark.

This month alone we will go to at least three leaving dos (you know, going-away parties), plus two other friends leaving, plus weekly news I hear of acquaintances leaving and then the latest blow: our married friends who live one street away who were supposed to be here indefinitely, are off in three weeks- back to New York.

I said to Bryan that it is like starting all over for us. I guess that is part of the adventure.

In other news: Tosha randomly posted the 1,000th comment on this blog. Readers, what should the giveaway be? And if no one responds, then Tosha you get a Margaret Thatcher nutcracker.



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5 responses to “and then there were none

  1. mira

    Wild West Original Beef Jerky from the UK, of course!!

  2. big pipes

    W-L Gym Uniform

  3. Pleban

    The rest of the photos of you cleaning the bathroom

  4. Rebecca

    an old W-L yearbook.

  5. tosha

    woooooooooohooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! wow, i never win anything! except that one time in h.s. when i filled out that prize raffle with Yael’s name on it (unbeknownst to Yael) and … actually won. man, you were so mad at me. hmm.

    wait- no beef jerky, i’m vegetarian. not another w-l uniform- i still have own. not another yearbook- i’m scared of them. but the photos of the bathroom cleaning are priceless.

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